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  1. @kimlo777 any chance being an oiler again
  2. @redmeat nice morning red meat
  3. @Netizen any extras with the masseur at Dr Bear?
  4. I tried Paul's massage yesterday. He is a nice person. I lost my way finding his place and he was patient in giving me directions. The surroundings was pleasant and clean. He asked whether his pressure was too strong and I was alright every now and then during the massage. Definitely takes care of the client's comfort throughout the session. Had a good night's sleep afterwards. Will go again for his massage.
  5. @redmeat happy new year and that dick is always ready for action
  6. [Compiled] Pics of your cum

    @72%dark post more please
  7. Post Our Nude Pics Here

    @dannypg the guys with you must be super happy
  8. @psarthmei was the sashimi before or after The Prince