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  1. 2 Choose 1

    Swim Freefall or Parachute
  2. Tiles 'pop out' in HDB flats at multiple estates in S'pore. Now we know...
  3. Thaipusam

    But take note it will finishing earlier due to lunar eclipse
  4. Hello...girl

    1. anon1000


      Hi there. What're you looking for?


      kik: anon_one_thousand

  5. You are a sexy girl.

    Mmmmmmm....my sweet ball breaker

  6. Well...for me it was with my secondary school buddy. Our age was 15 and 16. He was a year older and his name Anbalagan .This happened in 1985 at my home.We experiment and talked about sex pussy and jerking off during our time together . AND we kissed ...he was stocky guy and i control the role play.we took turn to suck eachother virgin cock.and shot our cum in eachother mouths.the next meeting we try to fuck eachother.Failed.but we had our hugs kiss masturbations. Now he's gone. I write this as my first-ever gay mate ....my first curved bended downwards cock i sucked his balls i licked. And i am his first-time cock he sucked.30 years later i still jo to him ..his cock i will remember as he is gone forever .
  7. 2 Choose 1

    Comedy Robin William or Don Rickles
  8. Share Your Butt Photo

    oh wow so sexy
  9. Jerry Lewis, comedian, dies at 91

    for "the laughs and the feels." WILL BE MISSED
  10. Inconsiderate neighbours

    this is my story.... years ago...I faced the worst neighbour . he was the worst kind of all is the hard-core racist. they made our life difficult...they would mock and spit on the floor as we walk by.but I took it into my stride. you cannot get into the lift with them. .....there is a saying ..what goes around will come around. I sold my flat and move out of this shit hole neighbourhood... I hated that place, I made the choice to move out .and everything turn out well for me. Thanks Haha Confused Sad
  11. Hi.....you are such a turn on.

    Would love to see a sexy...kinky...video clip made by you. I would love to jerk off to it

  12. Compass one

    At compass one MRT area