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  1. Gay Cruise @ Malaysia Swimming Pool

    Cw stands for what?
  2. Kallang Wave Mall (compiled)

    Watching wta later?
  3. Pasir Ris Park Toilet Fun

    Where is car park c?
  4. Where is Sawadee? Is it at Holiday Plaza as well?
  5. I was thinking that abu dhabi would be an Open city like dubai. don't really understand why the police arrested him when he was even wearing mens clothing.. this is such a worst experience/holiday.
  6. Pasir Ris Park Toilet Fun

  7. Who Can Shoot A Lot ?

    Wow! That's amazing if it was real.
  8. Where's the most popular cruising place/toilet in KL?
  9. Hi Malay friends! May I know the venue (start/finish line) of the Sea Games 2017 Marathon? Thank you!
  10. Tampines Eco Park

    How's the night guys?
  11. Badminton/ Table Tennis/ Tennis / Racquet Sports

    Can i join? Would love to play tennis too
  12. Pasir Ris Park Toilet Fun

    Anyone at the park?
  13. Hello! Do you guys know if there's a ticket for th tennis event at next month SEA games?