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  1. Strip poker

    Any requirements?
  2. Woodland Civic Centre

    Anyone here
  3. Woodland Civic Centre

  4. Line Grps

    Pm me on line ahritz93
  5. Where to find G string

    U mean theres alot of types?
  6. SOKA

    Not that i drink much, more of like being exposed to taoism since young
  7. Ipt / Rt Buddies

    Hahaha.. i see.. alright
  8. Ipt / Rt Buddies

    Lucky i dont need haha
  9. SOKA

    Used to practice it but didn't enter eventually
  10. SOKA

    Some of my Family members are from SOKA..
  11. Clementi Mall (Compiled)

    everyone cruise also, but maybe ours is like an interest group ba?
  12. Clementi Mall (Compiled)

    well, nothing much being friends and hangout also.. not much about risks i guess
  13. Anyone from Myanmar ?

    Gonna head to Myanmar for three days from 23Jan to 25Jan

  14. have a place? line me ahritz93