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  1. Lol, sunny side up is great, especially between two slices of white bread with ketchup rofl
  2. I use this from iHerb, egg protein is very clean, and this brand is not bad You want to be careful looking for the cheapest, as you may end up with the lowest quality and then negate any benefits from it. MRM, Natural Egg White Protein, Chocolate, 24 oz (680 g) Item Price SG$58.20
  3. I have a place in the Simei, looking for someone to suck me
  4. Sucking, with place in Simei, just cum and go
  5. hello

    1. Swindonlad
    2. Never again
    3. Swindonlad


      I don't know anything about you so hard to say, and PM's are probably a better place to discuss it ;-)

  6. What does "fit" mean to you?

    I see it used a lot, but is it in reference to health, muscle definition, looks, it seems to mean everything and nothing at the same time.

    1. Eujiboo


      I think it depends on whose saying it and whose it being said to. In the media, 'fit' would be synonymous to muscular bodies for men or slim/toned bodies for women.

  7. Ways to increase the size of ur balls

    No way to actually make your balls bigger, other than I guess surgery. But there are ways to make them hang lower and make the skin looser so they look bigger, but they aren't permanent, you have to keep stretching regularly once at the desired size or they go back to the size they were.
  8. The Fucking Game

  9. Hosting late tonight in Simei for someone to swallow my cum
  10. Lines on butt cheeks

    You have a beautiful butt, and you'd be surprised how many guys have these marks, It's never bothered me one bit, and gives me something to talk about after sex lol, comparing weight loss stories
  11. Missed Connections For Gay Singapore

    I'm sure people notice you, everyone has something special about them for someone out there
  12. Missed Connections For Gay Singapore

    But we'll keep checking ;-)
  13. Missed Connections For Gay Singapore

    ROFL, very true, I may try it tomorrow, but first I'll need to remember to put my phone down and lift my head up