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  1. Kuching Cruising Places

    anyone tried this? heading to Kuching soon.
  2. Open Showers @ Bedok Reservoir, Bring Soap & Shampoo...

    should have a shower party today haha
  3. aint no gym equipment there.
  4. My Experience from Masseur on BW Thread

    Thanks for sharing. I got that experience too when I visited his place early this year.
  5. In the train yesterday on the way back home, a young guy faced dressed in sports attire. He was facing the guy next to me and would occasionally grab his junk and ran his hand along his torso. I was like .. is he reading some erotic material or what. so daring nowadays
  6. Beats me, but I don't think he's gay or bi or whatever.. he's married with a kid and stash porn in his iPhone haha
  7. Yalo, the next few days after that was a bit awkward.. Some more he know that I don't wear glasses in the steam room and without it I can see shit! But after that we resume gymming together again.
  8. Funniest thing happened at the gym frequented by me and my colleagues (we all work out at the same gym as it's in the same office tower). While in the steam room, one of my colleague's towel came off and his junk was exposed to us. His reaction (look what look, still want to look. gay is it) was so abrupt that we can't do anything but to laugh it off. Visibility is poor (it's a steam room duh..) but he must have thought we have The Eye sight of superman. During the dinner afterwards, he apologised to us and asked us not to tell anyone that he's having an erection in the men's steam room. Lol! Well, at least we got free dinner that night.
  9. Yes you have to be naked. I think it's 12.
  10. Top floor. No it won't be cold at all.
  11. Nothing to be afraid of. Skin night means you would be fully naked. no towels allowed. just enjoy the atmosphere