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  1. Sim

    Keen to jog with you but tonight I not st home. May b can meet you jog next week? Text me if you keen.
  2. I think Bt Panjang may have as I stay around here. I try to find out from my friend and let u know You may text me on Line: aidenray. ray here... ps I seldom log in here often
  3. Karaoke Singing Groups??

    I alos love singing. Perhaps we can jio like 5-6 and go tgt? Too big a group hard to take care of everyone timing ...
  4. Swimming Pools / Complexes (Compiled)

    Wan go swim tgt? Safra or home team Bt batok?
  5. Chain Reaction

    oversea chill
  6. The Fucking Game

  7. Chain Reaction

    Side pocket
  8. Chain Reaction

    Certified MC
  9. Anything happening there now?
  10. Looking for Swimming Instructor for Adult

    Not easy. Must have good breast stroke then will b much easy to master
  11. Chain Reaction

    Thumb up
  12. Chain Reaction

    Character suck