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  1. Just go there and embrace cock from all cummers. I like to sit in the door way of a room on the floor so people can just come past and face fuck me.
  2. Guys love it when I eat my cum for them. They loose their mind and find it so hot. I feel Super slutty when I do it. Also love it when they force feed me my own cum without asking
  3. Toilet fun in orchard?

    At Orchard plugged and caged... meet me and cum on my body.
  4. Did any body see the hot white guy lunch time on Friday? He looked so hungry for cock
  5. raffles place mrt toilet

    Sometimes it’s full after 9pm
  6. Shogun Spa @ Chinatown

    10 men this happens to me too I lay down once in a room and was set upon by 5 guys with several more watching. I ended up with 5 loads of cum on my chest and abs.
  7. Shogun Spa @ Chinatown

    Sometimes I just want to be ravaged by anyone. I’m very fit athletic build and told handsome. I went to Shogun two weekends ago and I missed the timing of skin night but I just make my own skin night and carry my towel. Many guys look at me confused and turned on. Some are to shy to take advantage and don’t know how to react. I went upstairs lay down on the big bed naked and close my eyes. Soon enough I sense up to 4 guys touching and many more watching. I am fingered gently and deeply while two people touch my cock. Some guys take turns on my body and nipples. Mainly old guys and over weight but this just makes me feel sluttier. I am edged 4 times and eventually cum all over myself and lay there exhausted whilst everybody massages the cum into my body. I don’t have fetish for chub or older but sometimes it just feels hot to be desired at that level devoured and watched.
  8. Dhoby Ghaut Plaza Sing

    Bump anyone horny
  9. Dhoby Ghaut Plaza Sing

    I will probably be gone by then :-(
  10. Dhoby Ghaut Plaza Sing

  11. Fun At Orchard?

  12. Dhoby Ghaut Plaza Sing

    Anyone who needs a mouth to fuck and a face to cum on DM me. Hot body plugged asshole horny and hungry
  13. Fun At Orchard?

    If anyone needs their cock sucked at Orchard DM me. Hot body hungry mouth and plugged asshole. Looking for cock in the next hour. Will be around Plaza Sing
  14. True Fitness Fun After Gym

    CH tonight
  15. Photographers?

    Feel free to DM. Doenst need to be professional. But have an understanding of light against the human body.