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  1. True Fitness Fun After Gym

    CH tonight
  2. Photographers?

    Feel free to DM. Doenst need to be professional. But have an understanding of light against the human body.
  3. Photographers?

    Sorry I don’t follow the context of your post.
  4. Photographers?

    I will DM u
  5. Photographers?

    Looking for photographer to take shots of 2 people indoors. DM for more info.
  6. True Fitness Fun After Gym

    Anyone at Novena? Will be in shower and steam in 10 mins
  7. If you like both, then like both :-) it feels like a big deal but it’s not and the guilt is for you to let go of. You don’t need to do that to yourself. Enjoy play safe and explore.
  8. This is the most beautiful cock I have seen in a Long time. I would do anything to worship it.
  9. any gay grabcar uber drivers here?

    Any drivers Woodlands?
  10. Piss Drinking, Golden Shower

    I have recently been experimenting and have now been pissed on three times and am loving the shame of it. The most degrading time I was told to be naked in a public toilet by a master. I was to not face the door and leave it u locked with my hands on the wall and eyes closed. He came in plugged me caged me and told me to get dressed. He took me to another public toilet and made me post ads here and on grinder. Within 15 mins there were 3 guys and I was told to suck them to completion and beg for their seed. Each time they face fucked me and fed me their cum I looked at them straight in the eyes. I was naked and caged plugged... helpless being fed the warm cum of anyone. After three loads I was begging to be released from the cage. My wish was granted but I was made to earn it. I was to lie down on that toilet floor while I was bathed in piss all over my naked body. I was then told to bow on my hands and knees while my master jerked himself off all over my face. Only then was I allowed to cum while lieing there with the cum taste of three loads in my throat drenched in piss and cum. But there was one more load to swallow, mine, after I came I was ordered to devour my seed which I did obediently. I begged my master to leave the plug inside me so I can always remember that amazing night. Now I just want more and more.
  11. Line me at eugene5320

  12. My master has me caged and plugged in international plaza Tanjong Pagar . come and you will be sucked and come on face and body... will be there in 20 mins. Pm for exact location