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    Contemplate the complexity of life and universe and what to eat for lunch, talk cock in BW chat room, teach ants to speak Hokkien. I only chat in the main chat room and don't respond to private chat, unless I know you personally.

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  1. Onmyoji

    Partly it is because I don't have enough Skill Daruma to level up her lighter skill. Thus, she is quite underwhelming. I think she is popular because her design is nice.
  2. Onmyoji

    Aoandon is quite unreliable to me. Her passive didn't activate in time of need. I'd rather use Zashiki as a reliable orb provider.
  3. Onmyoji

    Yeah, I stole until getting hated
  4. Onmyoji

    I got 7 SSR among about 100 summons so far. Sadly 3 of them are Aoandon.
  5. Onmyoji

    I am playing this game. Good game so far.
  6. Love is like a pokemon game. You get a starter but along the life journey, you may find that your starter is not suitable for you. Then you may encounter other pokemon that match you better. You may use pokeballs on some, great balls and ultra balls on others. But save your master ball for the one pokemon that you cannot afford to miss.

    1. Dorkable


      So loomantic.

    2. quantum


      My wisdom distilled from many pokemon games :D

    3. Labbitteo


      Love is NEVER like pokemon.. because as much as u want to believe, there is NO master ball for it. 
      in fact, every opportunity is like pokeball throw, some u can throw in full life, some u gotta hurt it before you can have it, some u need to give bait. but no options to get a confirmed 100% catch.. 

  7. Didn't see you around the chat for a while.

    1. Dorkable


      Coz I shy. TGIF there.

  8. Happy Birthday. Enjoy this cold weekend out with the warmth of your friends.

    1. quantum


      Thank you, dork. They gave me lot of warmth :D.

  9. Story to share with my chat friends

    Another year has gone to pass. Year 2017 was full of turbulence, quandaries and emotional problems for me in work, family and relationship. I came to this forum when my ex and I were taking a break. I was heart-broken and lonely back then. Little did I expect that I would make many friends here. A lot of thanks to my HOTS gang (@Momopolare, @Labbitteo, @mochiponpon, @calicifier). I felt happy every time we played games together, laughing and shouting. I enjoyed our gatherings, the times we poked fun at one another. You all are irreplaceable parts of my time in BW. Thank @Labbitteo for encouraging me to be more open. Thank @Momopolare for all the beetching (I know you love it) and late-night talks. Thank @calicifier for talking to me when I was down. Thank you, Mr. Pichiciego (I won't tag you to protect your identity). You were the only one who saw me breaking down to tears when I broke up with my ex. You listened to me for hours and forced me to eat meals. Without you, I don't know how I could have endured that period. Thank you, pampered boy (aka @aedirn). I loved bullying threatening joking with you. It was delightful to share our perspectives in life too. Thank juice boy (aka @orangejuic) for lots of talks and jokes. And for the Taiwan photos also. Thank @MEEPOK for listening to me from time to time, and for enduring my fierce personality during tuition. And lots of thanks to other chat friends (@Estarif, @water, @ArchDragon, @Yaoi, @KTeddy, @Hecticday, @henryt1, @Zodiak, @pusheenpika, @jason79, @RoyalSamuel, @Dorkable, @alien, @ice.ice.boy and many others). Thank you for enduring my idiosyncrasies, not-funny jokes and insensitive comments at times. Talking to you all brightened up my days. Thank you for being born in this world so that we have a chance to know one another. I wish that this new year would herald all the best wishes and lucks to you all. For the working people, progress and promotion. For the students, good results and graduation with flying colour. Wish the attached people lasting and loving relationships, and wish those seeking for love find their soul mates.
  10. Missed Connections For Gay Singapore

    Helping my nephew to look for his soul mate. It was the evening of 19 Dec 2017 at 18:19:54. You are the staff at a food store somewhere in Holland V. My nephew called you to order. You gave him a smile for 3.46 seconds. At that moment, my nephew's heart was melted and his mind was among the cloud. If you are here, please reply. My nephew will give you a Q number to meet him. @aedirn@orangejuic
  11. Stephen was my PE teacher at that time. PE teachers are generally loud and a bit garang (this is just my observation, not meant to trigger anyone). However, Stephen never raised his voice and he got his way of convincing/ encouraging us. Many girls in my class liked him too. It was a shock to us when the school announced his death. I mean, I just saw him during lesson the previous week and then he was gone.
  12. TEARS Removed since my friends have read it.