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    Writing, drinking wine, watching Netflix. All so I can distract myself from my boring life, which is filled with work, work, work.
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  1. Is The Peranakan Gay Different?

    me! which goes to show i'm old. haha
  2. Unit for rent

    Hi all, I'm casting my net wide so am posting this in various avenues. I'm renting out my entire apartment - it's located in the city fringe, at Tanjong Rhu. Tenants can move in as early as Dec 1. Looking for singles or couples. Monthly Rental S$1,600 (negotiable) Location Tanjong Rhu Accessibility Nearest MRT station: Mountbatten For drivers: *4-min drive to Suntec City / City Hall *7-min drive to CBD 10-min drive to Orchard Road Public transport: *7-min bus ride to Suntec City *10-min bus ride to CBD *13-min bus ride to Orchard Road Various buses near my area that link to the City, VivoCity, Bedok, Tampines, Pasir Ris, Clementi etc Amenities Hawker centre nearby Coffeeshop Cafe Melba Tanjong Katong Swimming Complex Sports Hub (about 10-min walk) Old Airport Road Market (about 10-min walk) Unit Large one bedder Newly and nicely renovated Comes with furnishing Please PM me for details - I have an agent, but I'm happy to do the legwork for her too. Cheers guys.
  3. No need to worry. My friends and I are approaching 40 - and of whom, only I am attached. We hang out almost every weekend and I tell you, we lao gays are not pathetic. Trust me. I write about my friends every week on https://adamandtheboys2.blogspot.sg/ It's true. Nobody has to be pathetic unless they choose to!
  4. Totally agree. In my first relationship, my then-partner and I talk on the phone almost every night, till about 2am. Well, it would always start off nice and sweet at around 8.30pm. Then our chat would escalate into a quarrel and by 2am, we would hang up feeling angry. Bad relationship. I was in JC1, he was in Sec4. Our grades suffered.
  5. Single in a 2-Room HDB BTO

    All my lights are bought in JB. And so are my bed sheets. But to drive into JB every weekend to run those errands is a bit challenging. I have friends who halved their budgets by going into JB to get all their white goods.
  6. Single in a 2-Room HDB BTO

    When you shop for furniture, you might find yourself visiting the same few shops more than twice - and that's normal. Don't buy impulsively! Another tip is - and I hope I'm not treading on thin line because this might come across as brand-slamming - don't go for the big brands that sell very expensive furniture pieces because if you spend enough time going around Singapore, you'll find that there are many similar products that look like those sold at big brands.
  7. Single in a 2-Room HDB BTO

    I'm reading this for the first time - and it's definitely good to know. Sadly, there is an income ceiling so not everyone is eligible after all. But definitely good info
  8. Ya... and luckily never say out... hahaha... cos otherwise, today we may not even be friends. Good thing is, like most puppy love episodes, I got over it and have moved on
  9. When I was in Sec 3, I grew very close to my classmate P, who is in the same uniformed group as I. We're very close and he being a year older, takes it upon himself to take care of his buddy. Boys being boys, the rest of my platoon mates would tease us and say that we are lovers. P would roar with laughter each time he hears it, and he would pull me close to him and say to our friends that "Yes, we're gay lovers". Once, a friend's dad booked him a hotel room for his 16th birthday and we all went to the room. Nothing sexual ensued but what happened there would forever be etched in my mind as one of my most fond memories. We were about to go for dinner when P and I wanted to shower, so P very casually said "come lah, shower together faster". I was of course very excited because I had by then, developed a crush - albeit a very secretive one - on P. The hotel room had a bath tub so we both went in and soaked there for a good five minutes while P casually continued talking to me because, who would have thought that his buddy would be fantasising about him while sharing the same bath tub right? My mind archived all the minor details of that day - from the temperature of the warm water and the way P took off his glasses before stepping into the bath tub with me, to his lanky and fair body and this relatively hairless uncut member. To this day, I am proud of the fact that, while I really liked P a lot, I did not want to break the dynamics by doing something rash such as to touch him. In retrospect, I was afraid - but in a way, I'm glad I was overcome with cowardice or I might have done something I would regret for life. Today, P is happily married with two children, and is no longer attractive. He's balding, sports a tummy, and always seems burdened with the juggling of his family and work. But we're still in touch, and in my mind, no matter how P looks now, he'll always be that fair, lanky lad who innocently asked his buddy to jump into the shower with him.
  10. Single in a 2-Room HDB BTO

    I think if you are planning to sell your apartment, or make profit from it by renting, you should buy from the resale market. But if your intention is to have a home where you'll live in for life, then a BTO 2-room flat is fine as long as you can get used to the space. One tip which you might already know is, if you do go to Ikea to get inspiration for your small home, do note that the lack of ceiling in the display areas gives people a false sense of space. If you step into the "studio apartment design area", take a piece of paper and cover it above your eyebrows so that you get a sense of how big it is, with that false ceiling you're creating. So many steps to getting one's own place, but it's very enjoyable. I'm not a housing agent but I've been through this myself. My sister also involved me when she got her own place, so if you need more pointed advice / views / tips offline, feel free to get in touch And congrats! heh
  11. Blogs

    Good Saturday morning everyone. Heading out in a while - and the highlight of my weekend is... Annabelle! Hope it's nice. And before I head out, here's a blogpost inspired by horror flicks. More on my blog https://adamandtheboys2.blogspot.sg/ =========== Ghost Writing One of Stanley, Carl and my favourite activities in this world is to pay money, sit quietly in a dark air-conditioned room for a few hours and stare at a big screen. Though this can mean going to Green Apple at North Bridge Road for our occasional foot massage, I'm really talking about watching movies. Our favourite genre? Horror films. My partner J is useless - we once went on a date nearly 14 years ago to watch Shutter, a Thai horror flick and he told me afterwards that, true to the title, he kept his eyes shut during all critical parts of the movie. Since then, I go to the boys when it comes to watching horror films. The latest inspiration for this blog post is really by a doll named Annabelle. "What's so interesting about this doll?" Carl the dense one asked over coffee last week. For Carl, who cannot even recite the names of our current and past presidents, it comes as no surprise. "It's a creepy movie," I supplied Carl with some context. "I once watched a Youtube clip about a doll, and it's creepy," Stanley added. "It's about how Japanese men are falling in love with Silicone dolls and having sex with them." "But back to Annabelle the doll," Stanley said. "It's something similar - it's also about something entering the doll," he said, raising one eyebrow suggestively. With Stanley the high-octane sex bunny, everything is about sex. Carl the dense one frowned, unable to catch up with such high-level conversation. "Never mind. You just come along and watch the movie with us can already," Stanley said, tapping Carl gently on his shoulder. Twenty minutes into the conversation - while Stanley and I were talking about when's a good time to gather to watch Annabelle - Carl brightened up. "Oh, it's a horror movie!"Carl said looking up from his phone. Stanley and I clapped at Carl's progress. Carl clapped along with glee. And for the next hour, the three of us did what was quite typical of Singaporeans who are bored: Sharing ghost stories. And because I never had any encounters, here are the boys' stories... In Stanley Ong's words: My mum told me this story when I was a kid. Grandma used to live in an old shop house in Tanjong Katong. And being Peranakan, she loves hosting and partying (and I must have inherited her genes. I love wearing tight clothes like the kebaya and girl, I love to host and party, but that's a story for another day). One night, Grandma threw one of her parties - there was food, guests, music (though if I were in her era, I would suggest she introduce some party drugs too, but that would mean having sex with her friends who are all wrinkly now, so again, that's a story for another day). Mum was about nine years old, and she remembered that Grandma was busy dishing out food while complaining that some of her friends were late. Just then, we heard a knock on the door. Mum was about to help Grandma open the door when Grandma shouted cheerily: "Whoever you are, just enter!" Mum then ran off to help Grandma with the dishes, thinking that her door-opening duty was relieved. Seconds later, the door didn't budge. Grandma again shouted: "Come in lah, whoever you are!" Again, the door didn't budge. Mum said that she remembered a cold wind blow into the house, and all the adults went quiet. Grandma then walked to the door and opened it slightly. Nobody was at the door. About half an hour later, all of Grandma's friends turned up and she thought nothing of it. Later on in the night, when all of Grandma's friends went home, Mum said she recalled that the whole family was awakened by a loud noise in our kitchen. Grandma was first to respond. Mum and her older siblings stood outside their rooms. Mum said she heard the adults talking in hushed, panicked tones. This what what Mum saw: The kitchen larder was opened. Plates were broken. Shards, big and small, were strewn all over the floor. Our fridge was closed, but all the contents of the fridge - milk, leftover food, fruits, sambal - were spilled all over the floor... forming a trail towards the back door. Mum thought it was a burglar - her uncles woke up and held sticks to search all over the house. But Mum said Grandma just sat on her chair and started saying the rosary aloud. Mum was then ushered by her aunt to bed and the adults stayed awake the whole night. Turns out, when Grandma shouted for whoever was at the door to enter, that somebody - whatever it was - really took the invitation. In old folk's tales, unnatural beings cannot enter someone's house unless they're being invited. And in this case, Grandma invited whatever was at her door, to enter. Twice. Mum couldn't remember other details, except that an old Malay man came by the house two days later to perform rituals and since then, some corners of Grandma's house had lumpy pieces of lime placed. "Moral of the story, don't let strangers enter without knowing who they are - always be safe," Stanley the sex bunny said, and laughed at the irony. "And second moral of the story," Stanley continued, "is that Singaporeans should stop wishing for a revival of the kampong spirit - they have no idea what they're wishing for!" In Carl Chang's words: This happened when I was in National Service at the old Police Academy. In our first week, we were already told by our seniors that our bunks were haunted. One night, one of the boys asked his buddy to accompany him to the toilet. At this point, Stanley shifted nearer to Carl, obviously very keen to know further developments to Carl's story. So A and B went to the toilet. "Ah huh," Stanley brightened up, giving Carl his undivided attention, his eyes filled with hope. Apparently, A said to B that he was afraid of going to the toilet alone. Stanley turned to me and said "I love this story already - I'm going to try this during my reservist." A then went into the cubicle while B waited outside. After 10 minutes, B thought it was very strange that A took such a long time so he asked if A was ok. A said yes. Another ten minutes later, A was still not done. So B peered under the stall. "Been there, done that," Stanley cut in, completely destroying any sort of buildup. B saw nothing. No movement, no shadow. And so B told A: "Hey, you're taking such a long time, I'm gonna go back to the bunk first." To which, A replied: "You're going back because you're tired... Or because you found out who I am..." Stanley paused and stared at Carl. Accusingly. "Carl Chang! This is a story I read before on the Internet!" he scolded. Carl shifted in his seat uncomfortably. "I didn't know I had to share something I had been through," he said and bit his lips guiltily. "But since the plot of your story involved two young men going to the toilet together, all is forgiven." "I only wish they had toilet sex."
  12. Blogs

    Hi all, sorry I didn't write last week - was unwell. But I'm back with a new post! More on https://adamandtheboys2.blogspot.sg/ Micro Soft Over supper at Swee Choon last Friday night, Carl our dense friend shared with us what he described as "a very private recent development". "I hope it's not about your sex life," Stanley warned as he poured us one round of Chinese tea. "Anything that's private has to do with sex," Stanley said with determination. "And the last thing I want is visuals of you in my mind, having Muscle-Mary sex." Carl shifted uncomfortably in his seat. "So," Carl began with his favourite clutch word. "I started working out seriously two months ago," Carl began. "Hunny, I've known you for almost 20 years - it's about bloody time you did so," Stanley said, referring to Carl's never-ending quest of eating to bulk up so that he can have enough mass to work on. "Anyway," Carl continued with his other favourite clutch word. "I am so serious that I'm eating steroids," he said. Stanley froze for a split second. "That's it? You worked up so much of my emotions just to tell me this?" Stanley the drama queen said. "If I had known that your private recent development is you putting steroids - instead of other more exciting items - in your mouth, I would have cancelled today's supper," Stanley went on, nearing hysteria as he spoke. "Come, your favourite deep-fried mee suah kueh," Stanley said lovingly to Carl as he set one morsel of Swee Choon's signature dish on his plate. Carl shifted uncomfortably in his seat. "I'm not done yet, actually," Carl said and bit his lips. Stanley the drama queen paused and turned slowly with deliberation towards Carl. "Okay, go on," Stanley said slowly, enunciating his words like he was giving Carl a final warning. "There are side effects," Carl said, mimicking Stanley's slow-paced tone. This got Stanley very stirred. Sensing potential drama, Stanley leaned forward and whispered urgently. "Spill," he said with theatrical flare. Carl was about to open his mouth when Stanley cut in. "Wait! Boys," Stanley said with annoyance. "This is serious stuff. Come on, lean forward with me. React along," Stanley waved at us enthusiastically. I rolled my eyes and gave in. "I...I think I have erectile dysfunction," Carl whispered. Stanley's eyes widened like they were relaxed testicles in a tub of hot water. Carl looked from me to Stanley for reaction. Stanley's jaw parted like he was ready to receive not one, but two German sausages. "Well," I ventured, not really sure what my next sentence would be. "Can we cancel our tofu orders please," Stanley suggested timidly, not sure if it was appropriate to crack a joke about something so serious. Carl burst out laughing. Actually, we couldn't distinguish if it were laughter or tears - he sounded like a muffled hyena. "How long has it been?" I ask with genuine concern. Stanley cut in. "Seriously? You are concerned about the length now, Adam?" Stanley chimed in with perfect timing. Carl burst out laughing - for real. Turns out, Carl had been feeling out of sorts for at least a week before he felt that he couldn't keep it to himself any more. "You shouldn't take that long to spill the beans just because you take that long to spill your seeds," Stanley said, Queen of Puns. "It must be hard on you," said Stanley, pushing his luck. Carl frowned at him. I slapped Stanley's wrist on Carl's behalf. Okay, back to Carl. Carl first started noticing something amiss almost two weeks after he starting using steroids. At first, he sort of lost interest in having sex (although in comparison, Carl doesn't really venture out to look for men the way our sex-bunny friend Stanley does). Carl initially mistook his dwindling libido to be the cause of having overworked himself in the gym. But as days passed, Carl eventually felt that something was wrong because, in his words, "the other day, I was doing the deed when my member failed me". This got Stanley very worried. "Define member," he said cheekily. Before Carl started to shift uncomfortably in his seat, Stanley continued, "okay, I was kidding. Define failed". According to Carl, "failed" means that he had managed to get his member up - but while Carl was distracted with a phone call, his member quietly deflated. "I want to know why you had to pick up that phone call while you were, you know, indulging in self-happy time," Stanley demanded. Erm, that's not quite the point, Stanley dear, I said, trying to stay focussed. Ok, point is, Carl's erection couldn't be maintained. And that got him very worried. For the next few nights, Carl tested his goods. Again and again. And he was finally determined that he had a problem. Back at our Swee Choon supper table, Carl stirred his pork congee listlessly. "How?" he asked into his bowl of hot porridge. "Well, for a start, you need to nail the problem on the head," Stanley said. Nobody took the bait, so Stanley carried on. "You know a few things. One, you have an issue. Two, this could very likely be caused by steroids," Stanley said seriously. "So you know the root cause of this problem - and it's still in its early stage, so you decide, Carl. You want hard muscles and soft pee-pee, or you want soft muscles and hard pee-pee?" Carl shifted uncomfortably in his seat. "Or," I suggest helpfully, "you go see a doctor and see what your options are". Ah, doctor. The scenario Carl was trying to avoid. To know you have ED is one thing. To officially seek a doctor's advice is another - because that act seals the deal. For many men, especially men nearing their forties, and especially gay men nearing their forties, having ED is like a death sentence. Even if one does not always make full use of his tool, knowing that one's tool is faulty is very worrying. A functioning penis is what probably defines a man. Well, that, and many other things too. But you get the idea. It's like how women might feel when they go through menopause because a natural part of their womanly system no longer functions. Stanley thinks that ED is a natural retribution to gay men who overuse their members - although Stanley insists that his member is still a hard worker. But Stanley the versatile is resilient. "Go with the flow, my dear Carl," Stanley said in serious consolation mode "If you can't get hard, then just be a bottom for the rest of your life lah," he said. It's a very natural progression, Stanley insists. You go with the flow, he said. If you can't get hard, be bottom. If you can't be bottom, be top. According to Stanley the homo expert, some gay men - who have been bottom all their lives - suddenly find that nobody wants to top an uncle. So what do the bottom uncles do? They switch roles and be tops, so that they brand themselves as sugar daddies. Carl continued stirring his congee, not buying any of Stanley's arguments. "Why me," Carl asked his bowl of porridge. "Think about it - if you don't appreciate a staff, of course he will quit right?" Stanley said, referring to Carl's respectably un-promiscuous lifestyle. "Yes, and one day your overworked staff will quit 'cos you're such an overbearing boss," I scolded. "My member won't quit. I may overwork it, but I'm a nice boss," Stanley said, smiling. "Because I leave it to do what it wants, and I'm not a micro manager," he continued, pleased with himself. "Sorry Carl dear, I don't mean to keep targetting at you but seriously right now, you are indeed a soft target," said Stanley the bitch, who's on a roll.
  13. Blogs

    Good Sunday morning, all! Just posted another piece on my https://adamandtheboys2.blogspot.sg/ blog. Have a good weekend ======= Stanley The Size Queen "Quick, quick, quick, I can't wait!" Stanley said, hopping from one foot to another as if he were a child on Christmas morning. That, or Stanley needed to pee. "Hurry, hurry, hurry!" Stanley said impatiently. This time, he was lying on his back on J's sofa, his legs pedalling an imaginary bicycle in the air. "What on earth are you doing, Stan?" "I'm cycling! I love J's sofa! I love J's apartment!" my random sex-bunny-of-a-friend Stanley replied. "Food's ready!" J announced. As J dished out the steaming pot of his famous chicken stew, Stanley hurriedly ushered every one to his seat as if we were all late for the Last Supper and the host was starting to subconsciously drum his fingers on the table. "Jesus, hurry up everyone," Stanley said urgently. J took a seat beside Stanley, opposite Carl and me. And even before we could open up our napkins, Stanley spoke rapidly: "Okay, J thank you for having us over and cooking for us and in line with your Holy ways, let's say grace." And before any of us could react, Stanley added very quickly, "Grace!" As J passed the toasted French loaves around, Stanley wasted no time in starting the topic he'd been dying to discuss. His recent job interview. Last week, Stanley - who was recently retrenched - got called back for a second round of job interview. According to Stanley, his chances are quite high, but he's concerned that the firm is relatively small. And Stanley the size queen is worried. "Why worry so much? You can always go for all the interviews then decide slowly, no?" J asked. "Oh, my dearest J," Stanley looked at him as if J were a naive little boy. "Of course you wouldn't need to worry - you work for a huge law firm," Stanley said before adding "and anything that's huge and firm and lawful is always a recipe for a very, very good time." J giggled at the random comment. Carl helped himself to chicken stew. I rolled my eyes. "You see, size is very important to me - in all sense of the word," Stanley continued, setting his cutlery down - a worrying sign because that means he's likely to go on and on about sex at the dinner table. "First and foremost, the smaller the company, the more likely your boss will micromanage you," Stanley said with concern. "But he'll be disappointed because hunny, when anyone manages me, I can guarantee him that they're handling nothing that's micro about me," Stanley continued, stroking his French loaf tenderly. "What are your thoughts, Carl?" Stanley asked our dense friend. Carl froze in mid-feed, and began processing the question, allowing his spoonful of chicken stew - just inches away from his mouth - to start dripping. "Oh, so that's how it looks from a third-party point of view," Stanley said like an analyst as he observed Carl's frozen and arguably controversial pose. "Stan, please, can we stop talking about sex over food?" I begged. "What were you thinking, Adam? I'm always rim and proper at dinner tables," Stanley replied raising a lone eyebrow. Carl looked very confused - likely because his brain can only process one set of data at a time, and the speed of Stanley's gear-switching is causing a lot of white noise and fuzz in Carl's mind. "Never mind, Carl, you just put that dripping piece of meat in your mouth and swallow," Stanley said helpfully, and looked at me with cheeky defiance. Stanley looked like he was about to spew his next vulgar comment when - "Wow, J, I could marry you if not for the fact that my best friend Adam and you are sleeping with each other behind my back." "You make the best stew, J," Stanley sighed with gratification, his mouth chewing busily. "There's only one other time when my mouth is filled with warm, gooey stuff and I feel like I'm in heaven," Stanley said, stirring his soup bowl and preparing for his next spoonful, "and trust me - yours is way more savoury." Carl set his soup spoon down and tried very hard to presumably erase all mental images pumped into his head during dinner. "Adam, you are one lucky bitch," Stanley said, slurping the stew noisily. "Your boyfriend's stew is so rich." "And your boyfriend is so rich," he said, turning to J. J giggled and ladled more stew into Stanley's bowl. "And speaking of rich," Stanley said, "I need to get back on track with my work life. This is my first job interview in weeks - one that is quite likely to land me my next pay check." As our Saturday night dinner progressed, Stanley aired his concern over working for smaller companies. Apart from fearing that a small team would mean more mirco-managing, Stanley was worried about the company's overall bottom line. "And you can imagine why I'm so concerned," Stanley the pure bottom said. "And then, if the company cannot do well, what will happen to my boners?" he said, obviously on a roll. "Oh, I am so funny!" Stanley cheered himself on, entertaining himself. Carl, who was stuffing his face with his third bowl of chicken stew, clapped along by way of habit. But Stanley's worries are not unfounded. Years ago, we did have a discussion about company sizes: Whether one would rather work for an MNC or settle for a small-size company. Back then, we all readily agreed that when it comes to employment, size matters. The bigger and more reputable the company, the better. Until Stanley - whose previous company was a huge and reputable firm - decided to retrench him. In fact, Stanley's entire team in Singapore was axed. Which is why our Saturday dinner topic was really good food for thought. "Do you think if I were to work for a lesser firm - which is smaller in size, I will be at a disadvantage?" Stanley's question was pointedly posed to J my wise partner. An indication that Stanley had decided to close his chapter of making sex jokes and is now ready for real answers. Sadly, J the litigator could only present Stanley both sides of the argument but really, Stanley has to be the judge of it. And in J's words, he'll have to think about how his role in his would-be firm can propel him forward. To which, Stanley quickly interrupted: "Oh, my role always propels me forward, backward, sideways - in all possible positions you can imagine." And just as quickly, he added: "Sorry J - please go on. I just had to grab that opportunity when I saw it." And just like that, Stanley straightened up. "Wait. I think I just gave myself the answer." Carl looked up from sipping his tea and cocked his head sideways - clearly because he hadn't been following. "I need to grab opportunities when I see them!" Stanley said as if he discovered a formula to slow down global warming. Just then, my partner J gently encouraged Stanley. "And if you're in a small company, wouldn't that make you a big fish in a small pond? Stanley lit up even further - and I really couldn't decide whether it was because J made a good point, or he thought the big-fish-small-pond analogy was yet another platform for him to make another sex reference. "It doesn't apply to me," Stanley replied. "I'm always the small pond that's explored by the big fish," he added and roared with laughter.