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  1. I think the most happening sauna would either b otot2 or mandi manda. Mm has a more chinese crowd where else otot has a more diverse crowd.
  2. Im sure he is nice guy la, just sometimes too opinionated abt some things like we all r. Live n let live.
  3. I think the masseur took advantage of u.hehe hj is included in both normal n b2b. U can complain at the counter if u feel u have been cheated. But having said that, if u r happy with the service provided then it is nice to tip to show your appreciation
  4. Usually u pay when u finish. If mb ask u to pay first, run. N the session is usually abt an hour
  5. Type mandi manda or if u shy type either tmn desa 99 speedmart or balai bomba tmn desa
  6. When u cum regardless if its a hj bj or fj i think its called happy ending
  7. He is not str8 la. He’s gay. N he does kiss n suck. Does alot if he likes u.
  8. He is more trained in thai massage eg pulling n stretching. Good strength n massage is quite sensual. Cock is big too. According to my fren who had him, he can bj although he didnt bj me, just hj. Average height but hard body.
  9. Malaysia Outdoor Exhibitionist/Fun

    Start with your story to get the ball rolling?