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  1. SOLO trip to Athens/ Santorini

    @mait23 i will check out whats with Meteora, thanks for the recommendation!
  2. Worst allergy nightmare

    @Wafflecorn Woah thats a good advice, will make time to go try the patch test as mentioned. Thanks!
  3. SOLO trip to Athens/ Santorini

    @night listener yeah Mykonos looks like an awesome place as well! I see whether i can squeeze in time for that. Cause my time there is pretty tight this time.
  4. Worst allergy nightmare

    Alright, i will keep that in view, thanks for the advise!
  5. Worst allergy nightmare

    @xydboy nah, its just co-incidentally weird that i feel that way whenever i consume something that contains contents of white grapes. So i went online to see, it shows the same symptoms for the same allergy.
  6. line id: Shootkevtsoi Would love to make new friends and anything more.
  7. Worst allergy nightmare

    @jeun07 thanks dude, yeah will be extra cautious on this. Especially after i realise it is an allergy.
  8. Worst allergy nightmare

    Till now, i just realise why i always felt that my throat itch and cough whenever i drink white wine or i eat dried raisins (white ones). I just went online to check, i am allergic to grapes content! But grape is one of my fav fruits! Darmn!
  9. Contradicting thoughts

    Sometimes, i just tell myself i don't need a partner, but sometimes i just feel lonely. Why this dilemma?! I hope i can just be 100% independent always.
  10. SOLO trip to Athens/ Santorini

    Yeah this trip is all short, which is a pity. It is okay, will try to squeeze in as much sightseeing as possible. Yes i will definitely take those scenes!
  11. SOLO trip to Athens/ Santorini

    Thanks for the recommendation @Rayzaray! Was the crowd good?
  12. SOLO trip to Athens/ Santorini

    I bought return flight (SG to Athens) from scoot @ close to SGD$500 (without check-in) during sales period. Now, its slightly pricier, at around SGD$576 w/o check-in if you wouldn't mind to travel light. On top of that i actually bought return domestic flight Olympian Air, from Athens to Santorini @ SGD$122. There are cheaper options like RyanAir which cost approximately SGD $60+ for return.
  13. SOLO trip to Athens/ Santorini

    Will be doing a SOLO trip to Athens/ Santorini during these dates 27th Feb - 3rd Mar 2018. Anyone keen to join?
  14. We might be chasing the wrong things all this while. Why do we neglect our own happiness? What do we live for? Status or self-satisfaction?

  15. Drink & Chill out

    Anybody up for a drink @ tantric bar or taboo tonight?