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    Chat n friends buddy . Married n matured guys . Nice with beard n moustache .

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  1. Bi / Married man chat

    Yeah Dont mind chat Line or wechat, with married n mature guys. Nice to know u guys
  2. massage needed

    Yeah me too needed one gd massage. But cant host. In west area.
  3. edge me

    Ohh my love to try edge control Sure wanna try it if got the chance with someone
  4. Kallang Basin Swimming Pool

    Weather looks ok today. So will go for a swim at kallang ard lunch time.
  5. Delta Swimming Pool & Sports Complex (Compiled)

    Nice weather today! Had a gd swim at Delta complex today. Few nice hairy ang moh n nice daddy too.
  6. Kallang Basin Swimming Pool

    Went there today for a swim lunch time. Nice n quite place. Saw a sexy dude nice body witb trunk. The shower area is facing another shower area. Saw 2 guys open the door shower with semi hard on with soap all over n keep on stroking. No one cares abt others watching haha Will go again weekly day time.
  7. Swimming Pools / Complexes (Compiled)

    What a nice day. Swim at kallang pool Feel sooo gd n relax. Will try to be there twice a week lunch time.
  8. Chain Reaction

    Foreplay with love
  9. hairy guys now

    Nice n kinky Me Hairy from chest to bottom.
  10. Indian Men

    Looking for clean fun hug, foreplay n sensual massage Local mix arab 177 74 46 Daytime meet up cant host at the moment.
  11. Went today to have session with this guy fpr 90min Friendly small build guy. The massage is good from toe to head. Very relaxing and not too hard, which i like medium pressure massage. Almost dozz off on his queen size bed haha. Love when he ask to turn to the front the touch was nice n sensual. Especially in between the tight n groin area love it. From semi to full hard on.. Well massage still goes on as per norm. Most important HE is not in rush, the timing is right. The hotel he choose to massage is very good easy to locate n clean.. He provide fresh towel to use n able to take shower . Very comfortable atmosphere. Will go again for my next session for sure. Recomanded. Keep on the gd work dude.
  12. Seeking massage exchange in day time 11am to 3pm . Anyone can host? I 'm still learning. Can practice on each other. Local mix here 177 74kg