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  1. Free massage. Can host now. 30 below only. Pm me

  2. Anyone keen for massage tonight? Can host here. Pm me. 30 below pls

  3. Can host. Hg ave 1. Who can come? 30 and below only pls

  4. Who can travel now? Got place here

  5. Alone here. Who can travel?

  6. Anyone free to travel and needs massage? Below 30. Can host here

  7. Who is free to travel?

  8. I can host now. Hougang ave 1

  9. I hope someone will be keen to try my massage. Below 30 only

    1. iammez


      where's the venue?

  10. Who needs massage? Can host here

  11. Who needs massage? I can host now. Hougang serangoon area. Below 30 with good hygiene only. Alone here now. Pm me
  12. Free massage later tonight! Who's keen? 30 and below. I can host