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  1. Long Term Relationship (Compiled)

    Just trying out my luck ... so hey! 23 180 66 mly looking for a long term relationship/companion. I'm currently studying in NUS and i'm staying in Jurong area. An introverted individual who prefers Saturday nights in bed with cookies and cream ice cream and horror movies over clubbing. Apart from studying science and health science, I enjoy playing LoL and pokemon, enjoy watching american thrillers, enjoy cycling and nature trails and anything adventurous. Down to earth dude who got minimal tolerance for petty and diva attitude. HMU if you'd like to chat
  2. Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon

    Hey there anyone still playing ultra sun/moon .. looking for friends to help me evolve some pokemon and battle too 3496 9835 4977
  3. any experienced backpackers needs companion for your travels? if you're travelling in SEA anytime between 26th dec -10th jan let me know !

    1. Revon


      Only backpacking? haha

  4. Looking For Travelling Buddy (compiled)

    hey there! looking for a travel buddy preferably to MY to INDO and free between 26th DEC to 10th JAN
  5. Welcome Newbies & Their Introduction

    Not exactly a new member but hoping to make meaningful connections and friends. drop a message if you'd like to chat
  6. Nus Aj Community

    hey there ! looking for friends in school . HMU if you want to hang out sometime
  7. Long Term Relationship (Compiled)

    23 180 66 mly here. average looking homeboy, hmu if you'd like to hang out sometime
  8. Good Morning! rise and grind ( grinding with lecture notes cause cause exams are around the corner )

  9. Nus / Ntu (Compiled)

    Hey ! hoping to make some friends in nus HMU if you're interested in getting to know each other.
  10. Long Term Relationship (Compiled)

    23 180 66 mly student looking for meaningful connections and a LTR hopefully. Would like to meet someone similar drop a msg