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  1. Goto hotels for decent food

  2. any into skype w an XD now?

  3. There is a store in Suntec City Opposite the Tokyu Store called Kybun or Kyboots..It is a Swiss Company. They make good air soles that will help your back. But it is only palliative care. You need to hv your back treated.
  4. My penis fracture

    kuku bird cannot fracture....no bones in it. But tissue can pecah bcos made of flesh. Hope u hv a speedy recovery
  5. Sniff underwear

    wanna sniff my wife's panties?
  6. married man chat

    Hi Married but btm, here
  7. The Best Ramen

    Same...love Bariuma. The one a Tanglin is better.
  8. I get turn on by guys dirty chat w me, a btm submissive closet xd married...

  9. Married for Married.

    Hi all, Btm married chn submissive and a closet xd 40 chn 170 67
  10. Indian top with big load seek btm

    Hi Miu Miu, Would love to swallow yur big load like a good gal
  11. anyone tried chiropractic ?

    It is true that some MDs will ask you to stay away bcos they do not learn biomechanics of the body. To them, any pain is remedied by painkiller. You cover the pain and comes back again and now you screw up your liver and kidney if you you take those painkillers and medication repeatedly. That part they wont tell you. At the end of the day, it is a business. If you are not going to a MD means the MD has less rice to eat. haha
  12. Hi there.." Welcome on board to the Blowing Wind forum"♥♥♥

  13. Try Goldwell products....Good hold with no residue and easy to clean off with shower.
  14. TGIF. Bored and looking, too...but we may be looking for the same thing...hee
  15. Any femboys or boys curious of crossdressing

    Please include me, too. Never done it to that extend with strangers.