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  1. Any daddy hosting?

  2. Any daddy hosting?

  3. Any daddy hosting?

    Any daddies hosting for hot, long, wild session tonight. 23yo, 174cm, 64kg local bottom here. Hit me up!
  4. Headed to MF Safra around 3ish
  5. Meeting @ Macritchie Open Concept Shower/Toilet

    Had a very pleasant time earlier here. Met a really nice dude and we ended up chatting the night away. Talked about past boyfriends and a particular common interest. Cracked a few lame jokes along the way and he laughed at them. (Super bonus in my opinion.) If you're here, I would love to get a buzz in my inbox from you. And if not, I guess I'll see you around soon. You made it a good night, you know who you are. A.