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    Line: jujubewood
    Seeking slim/lean/muscular/non-chub
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  1. Your DP is really cute

    1. Labbitteo


      Thanks!, but now arguing with someone on BW forum, soon all the ugly will come out. 

    2. geizershow


      Lols, u’ll never be uglier than me =)


      stay gorgeous =)

    3. Labbitteo


      Unless anyone give up trying to look good or be good.
      else, nobody is uglier From the inside like the person who is arguing with me on BW.. 
      He is unbeatable.. 


  2. I’ll always ask if it’s okay to slap before doing it.. and that sound is so satisfying
  3. 2 Choose 1

    Groupies big 50cent size nipples or tiny nipples
  4. Sad how personality accounts for nothing at all in this circle..


    Hot bod, Nice Face, Big cock are the preference =)


    It’s a dog eat dog world

  5. 2 Choose 1

    Young boy plugging (while i facefuck him) fuck standing in the shower Or fuck lying down on the beach
  6. 2 Choose 1

    Nibbling earlobes vicks or axe brand
  7. 2 Choose 1

    Gay Orgy smelly armpit or bad breath
  8. 2 Choose 1

    Bi porn (but I watch gay too) Amateur local vids or Professional vids
  9. Chain Reaction

    Is Banned
  10. 2 Choose 1

    Stroking while showering chubby or meaty
  11. Post Our Nude Pics Here

    Fucking hot
  12. 2 Choose 1

    Low hanging smooth cut or uncut
  13. 2 Choose 1

    Growers (like myself) pee fetish or hairy fetish
  14. Any Thong Lovers Out There ?

    Would love to see you in them