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  1. Lololol I live in sentosa cove as well but I don't drive AHAHHAA
  2. Paya Lebar Square

    Lollll I was just from there
  3. Cut group

    Why do you keep upping this
  4. Thaipusam

    Sounds painful
  5. Thaipusam

    What is thaipusam
  6. In my head, first thing came to mind, African lel
  7. Bondage Fun

    How will that work ahhaha, tying up everyone? XD
  8. Missed Connections For Gay Singapore

    I definitely will never be noticed ahaha, i realised that the people noticed here are well, older in age, i guess I'm just too young ahahhaah
  9. Public sex - Suck my big dick at commonwealth staircase

    Lol I'm great at sucking(so I've been told) but nah too lazy to travel lmao
  10. For Friendship only

    He just said he's looking for friends bruv
  11. Ya know tied up tickling can be used as a form of torture, in the medieval times, apart from their usual torture, they also used tickling, by tickling one uncontrollably, one will eventually break down and even lose his sanity and blabla ya know the junk lel Of course i understand you said it's optional but just thought I'd share for fun lmao
  12. North ~ Woodlands, Admiralty, Sembawang, Yishun

    Sounds cool lel
  13. Hotel Orgy / Group Sex Action (Compiled)

    I would've love to but i think I'm too young hahaha, like only 18 lmao
  14. Starlion Vs Guest about Keybox

    Yeah i get that, clearly can be seen, but c'mon mate there's not much of a point in all this, let them say whatever they want, you just do you, all this conflict, nothin comes out of it anyway