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  1. Lmao either you own a slave or you're really that narcissistic and confident bout yourself lel, like realllyyyyy lmao
  2. Dares/Forfeits u play with Straight friends

    I have lel, it's where it alllll started for me and my fwen, dared to suck him off, in the end he enjoyed it and it went on for years lmao
  3. Harbourfront

    Bit too late for me lmao
  4. test

    Test test
  5. My surfing buds in Hawaii seemed pretty okay bout the whole incident lel, all they did was tell me like "oh shit fuckkk dudeeee I'm gonna fucking dieee, fuck it I'm gonna surf one last time before I die, dude you've always been a good friend to me man, and I love ya man, but if I have to go I'm gonna go in style, stay cool man" and also a few more similar like that HAHAHA, and like after it all ended he was all like "fuckkkkkkking hell dude that scared the shit out of me" But either way I'm glad they're safe, I was shitting myself at that moment as well HAHA
  6. Skinny(Twinks) And Nerdy Guys

    I am great with my mouth HAHAHA so I've been told
  7. Skinny(Twinks) And Nerdy Guys

    I can be any lel, don't care
  8. Ways to increase the size of ur balls

    Even better boiiii, I still have the videoooo HAHAHA, my friends sent me that in my class group back then, haven't deleted since, my teachers just gave up on us hahaha
  9. Ways to increase the size of ur balls

    Don't masturbate or whatever, for a long time, you'll see the effects lmao, I saw a very weird vid of this dude who's never ejaculated in his life till I dunno hes old, his balls were fuckin massive mate, could swing it round like a fuckin balloon Jesus Christ
  10. Damn sounds awesome lmao, but I'm not qualified HAH
  11. Any btm free now....

    Lmao, welp I don't live in amk sooo meh
  12. Any btm free now....

    How is it urgent lel
  13. Would be kinda cool to have one HAHA
  14. Kampung Admiralty Toilet

    I have noooo idea where this toilet is honestly, all I know is I love using the toilet round the back, like one near the carpark entrance, new building thingy, that toilet is sooo quiet and I can do my business in peace ahahaha