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  1. In the mood for fun tonight. If you’re fit, able to go for multiple rounds, chinese and with a nice thick long tool - min 6” do pm me. Thanks!
  2. For me, as a bottom and seeing a guy doing it can be a turn off. However it takes 2 to enjoy so recently I adjust my thinking especially after guys said mine is quite thick and long though I think it’s average as compare to what I prefer guys to have 7” or more. needless to say after change of mindset and when got the right partner .. I got rock hard while being screwed. So individual preferences
  3. Hey.. anyone know a professional masseur who can handle me? My regular masseur decide to back off after noticing the body changes. need a massage badly.
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  5. How painful at times it is to yearn for a heart that break us apart.


    How embarrassing can it be to hope for someone to appear once again 


    How do we even move on?


    perhaps with time it will fade 

    1. Mlydck72


      Sadly most of us have gone through that.  That's part of having to love and be loved and because of love too, at times we just have to move on just to forget the love we lost.

    2. gstringuy26


      Maybe you just been attached to someone you like or had sex with? Don't worry time will heal everything! 

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  7. My pair of new best friends. Nice to touch from back. Supple and Soft was the terms they use. reactive to tongue, fingers, hand, lips and bites. wanna ......?
  8. Sad sad. guess... I must call upon a play mate to keep me company over the weekend.
  9. Just make up lor. some ask me abt make up tips so I m sharing. Keen pm me
  10. Ladies, Saturday - 31st March 2018. I am available for a make up session - for those who wishes to learn and exchange tips. Time - tentatively 3 pm onwards. I have a place - west. Those keen pm me directly and we communicate via a common platform. However, it’s out of bounds to men. Thanks! hear from ya soon ladies. Love Zee