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  1. 2 Choose 1

    coffee lean or buff
  2. 2 Choose 1

    vaseline single or group
  3. 2 Choose 1

    cologne ugly and fit or good looking but unfit
  4. 2 Choose 1

    dark skin muscular or lean fit
  5. 2 Choose 1

    LTR Singlet or Uniform?
  6. Blessed Merry Christmas to you :D


  7. morning!

  8. strip dai dee this afternoon

    maybe can post here?
  9. strip dai dee this afternoon

    wow sounds exciting! how does it work, got rules and regulations?
  10. Queenstown Stadium Training

    oh i see, how about today?
  11. Queenstown Stadium Training

    hahahahahhaahahahahahahahaaah u will know la
  12. Queenstown Stadium Training

    Anyone likes to do extra training in the stadium?
  13. Hello " Welcome aboard to Blowing Wind forum" Have a great journey...