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  1. Ah Tan's Massage

    Eh ya lor, why thread closed ah? I hope its not something i said??
  2. Feet haven - mature massuers

    Ooh i went to the one at katong before. Didnt go back again as it was quite inconvenient. If i recall massage was done by mature uncle n good strength.
  3. Ya hor, it was 2 - 4pm previously. @Male-HQ please confirm. Thanks.
  4. Ah Tan's Massage

    I decided to try Mr. Tan for the first time since I was nearby on the 2nd day of CNY. He took my booking but later found out he actually came to the shop just for my appointment. Initially asked for 1.5hrs but decided to change to 2hrs since I am the only booking of the day. I didnt expect anything due to the mixed reviews -went with an open mind. The place is a shop front, but I entered from the back door as he didnt open the shutter. There was a shared toilet with the shop next door, I think it's a spa, didnt pay much attention - so no showers before/after massage. I was greeting by Mr. Tan - pleasant looking and well build, late 40s I think. I was a little sweaty due to the afternoon heat but he didnt mind and said will wipe me down with towel. So I went nude and lay down comfortably on the massage bed. His strength is very suitable for me, on the harder side, and very accommodating as I ask him to spend more time on my lower back. He did ask questions as other reviews mentioned but I actually dont mind and answered all his questions and during the chat, I learnt that his questions are all for the purpose of understanding and satisfying his customers. For example, he ask how I know about him and if its from BW, he will know the customer probably expect more sensual + other services. So you should really let him know if you want a pure and good massage from the beginning and not just keep quiet acting saint - he cannot read your mind! I must say that one man's meat is really another man's poison! For me, I totally enjoyed his good massage and will go back to him soon. Try to know!
  5. Animal Therapy

    Love frenchies!! Too cute!
  6. The courage to come out

    Get out of this thoughts immediately! Life is more than that. I am in similar situation as u. Family very traditional and all straight friends. Dont think anyone in my circle can accept me if i come out. So i m glad of this forum as i found like minded frens to chat with. Register and join the community here. I am sure u can find your soulmates. There are many ppl living discreetly here so u dont have to be alone. Make a few frens and be stronger!
  7. Lol. Its full house at my 8pm show timing. But its typical for such blockbuster bah.
  8. Its not bad and i think its purpose is more for leading to the Avengers infinity wars. So u knows where the armies fighting comes from in infinity wars.
  9. I was thinking of black panther lar! Hahahaha. But as long as its entertaining, why not? Lol
  10. Skip CNY reunion/visits.

    Ya lor. Surely will be awkward and being asked questions. But family is family lar. Juz have to endure especially onli meet once a year. And like wat snowball mentioend, if parent still around, have to give face and go.
  11. really, whats he trying to do?

    Maybe married and bored. Married so he will disappear/ignore u when he is inconvenient. Bored when he msg u enthusiastically. Juz saying...
  12. The Best Ramen

    Been here recently - Kokoro Ramen @ The Bedok Market Place, level 2 @ Stall 22 469560 Singapore I quite like. The broth was pretty awesome. https://www.facebook.com/kokororamen5/
  13. Go see for yourself at Wisma lor. Material is quite durable. I dont own one but few frens do and seems they like it very much. Then again they have many range with different material. Personally I think it is a very reputable brand and good workmanship - comes with a price also.
  14. Hot Uncle [NSFW]

    Yaaa yaaa more stories pls! haha