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  1. his head looks like being photoshopped. like different head pasted on different body
  2. How is your keto diet looks like?
  3. Copyright Issues

    What if I recategorize them? There are actually 4 categories of them. first chart with 1st category of 4 positions. 2nd chart with 2nd category of another 3 positions. 3rd chart with 3rd category of another 4 category. and the last chart with the remaining positions. My model has bigger boob and nice pony tail hair. and by dividing them into 4 sub chart. Do you think, you will still want to sue me?
  4. Copyright Issues

    hehe I found a few similar one online just need creative idea to borrow them for reference...
  5. Copyright Issues

    If I change the placement of the model. Shuffle them around. can? ;D
  6. Copyright Issues

    I have made another version of it. but its too similar. Should have make more drastic changes. will I still get sue? If you were the owner of the pictures, will you still sue me?
  7. One Word To Describe Yourself

    social outcast
  8. Tried just now. service is good. massage is good. His shop is good. His gliding strokes gave me a warm human touch. solid and very sensual too.
  9. Hi gc0805, Is this oneplus2 phone prices at S$180 ok?
  10. between oneplus and Samsung (preowned) which one is better? found on carousell Samsung S5 preowned around my budget