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  1. yandao breaches BnB rule

    三十年前, 小虎队每个都有特色。。 陈小虎年轻时的确有点“张国荣”的俊俏, 但是随后当兵就风光不再。 当年爆红的“还珠格格” 里也只能有个小角色-福尔泰。 想不到, 事过云烟, 青春不再了。。陈小虎变成如此“风尘味”。
  2. Have you looked into the study rooms provided by community centres/clubs? or even public library?
  3. Celest 在 Coco 李玟面前算老几? 至少 Coco 唱过 OSCAR ....
  4. Did he commit the crime in a moment of bad judgement? Another coach was jailed for sexual offences too... Both their sentences reflect the severity of the offence and the damages/harm done to the victims. So to those who like FRESH meat, beware of the punishment. Rope-skipping coach jailed 25 years for sexual offences against his teenage student http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/courts-crime/football-coach-gets-26-years-jail-caning-for-sexually-assaulting-seven-boys?utm_campaign=Echobox&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook&xtor=CS1-10
  5. I really do not understand the psyche of some of the users in this thread. I do not owe you an explanation and please, I'm an Anglo-philic. Please do not turn the thread into a personal vendetta... it is venomous of that poster to pass unwarranted condescending remarks which are totally baseless. Should someone got nothing constructive to this thread, please leave...
  6. 我老了。。总觉得做人应该厚道一点。。 不管人家有何缺点, 我们都不应该落井下石。 人嘛,谁无过错呢? 只要知错能改, 善莫大焉。。 记得要集/积德。。 Allow Stuart to change for the better. He may had a past but give him a chance to repent and recover.
  7. What a waste for an intelligent and enterprising fellow. Hope he accepts that "crime does not pay" here in Singapore. Jump bail...I don't think that is a good idea if one looks at what happened to that Chew from City Harvest saga. Hidden skeleton Well to be honest, like most of the human race, I do have a darker side that rarely sees the light of the day. There is always this stinking BAD habit that pops out every once in a while. I did the unmentionables but I am mindful that it will get back to me one day. No, my activities are infantile to Stuart's experience. Lesson for all It is rather sad that life plummeted for him and this episode sends a clear message that chem-sex is dangerous. By all means have all the SAFE sex you can have but be prudent that no "external stimulant" is involved. 不要一失足成千古恨。。以前的风光, 都随流水消失。。做人/做事要三思而后行。。。
  8. That's why I always have an UGLY grocery bag instead of a backpack when I board the plane. I have a bag divider to put all the necessary electronics like power bank, spare phone, headphones and cable on one side. The other pockets will be my reading glasses, a bar of candy or confectionery, keys. So if the custom officer wants to check my items, I could simply "open" up for inspection. Everything can be seen easily this way.
  9. Caucasian Men Discussion

    You may want to "hunt" them via apps.... There are tons of men lurking in these apps.. Good adventure ahead...
  10. Call Me by Your Name

    I am enjoying listening to the audio book when I'm public transport. *** Tim lost because he was 2nd best next to .... Gary Oldman is a veteran and Hollywood likes to honour "long overdue" thespians .. Anyway Tim is still young and look out for him to be the NEW Leonardo.
  11. Don't Like To Be Called Uncle

    I fear the day will come when I am "promoted" from Uncle to "Ah Gong". Actually my niece has children, so officially I'm an Ah Gong...大叔公。 So I am VERY happy when someone call me UNCLE rather than Ah Gong. **二叔公 is a colloquialism for Pawn Shops.... **三叔公 is my favourite brand of cookies and titbits in Malaysia.
  12. BW Site Outage on 8 Mar 2018

    I want to thank others for supporting the idea of "contributions" but let us not fight over minor issues...you know what is uncalled for... I'm NOT entertaining such remarks/opinion..no point sprouting out unwarranted and unappreciated condescending remarks as stated ... ThT typical used by date potato fag ABANG is so typical . That is why the debate over guest .....should or should not post ...you can hide behind your facade and slammed me to death but what do you gain...a moment of shiokness in the groin?
  13. BW Site Outage on 8 Mar 2018

    OK..this is just my take on preventing late payments again. Surely we do not want to get into the same routine as the breakdowns in our transport problems here in Singapore. It is time to reconsider whether we can turn this board into a subscription one. Yes I understand you "rejected" the idea many times already but it is now time to work on the financial situation. Like many frequent contributors/readers, I want to show my appreciation for the diligence put up by the team. When you have a core group of patrons and a steady income, you can look beyond current provisions and plan forward. A minor issue with the proliferation of unregistered guests opening threads as and when they fancy can be curtailed. There will be lesser bickering between these peeps and the board can truly provide a solace of the gay community.
  14. I think it boils down to personal preference... Muscular guys, toned guys, skinny guys or chubby guys.. they all have their own admirers. 身材再好, 床上功夫不行也没用!既不可能是阿里山神木也要够硬朗。。 For me, I like my men with a little meat on his body. I want to be able to hold him while we are having body combat... 我个人比较喜欢有点肉(但不是那种自称“油而不腻”)的男人 - 身上无脂肪, 好看但触感前佳。。 健身本来就是为了保健, 而不需要过分强逼自己。。适当就好。。 Both S1 and S2 have just the right amount of muscles on them - don't overdevelop them like the "now" look of Jason Chee.. that is worrisome... what happened when he reached my age (56++++)... will he need to "trim" his excess folds of skins through surgery? 不是妒忌他的线条。。有点过分点了吧!
  15. Batam-faring guys beware.. Singaporean gets 13 years' jail in Batam for molesting 3 boys https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/singaporean-gets-13-years-jail-in-batam-for-molesting-3-boys-10026944 So be very careful that your "fun" partner isn't underaged nor an undercover.