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  1. I don't think much when sucking an AMDK's dick.. Well as they are generally longer, their endowment hit the end of the throat frequently. The technique to use is to avoid choking - not a very glamorous act. Push it to the side without biting or teething it. What do I think... wow, this is big but I can handle it.. wipe off that your silly grin on your face, darling.
  2. Karaoke Singing Groups??

    One thing for sure.. someone is NOT on my invitation list..
  3. Online Chinese Novels/小说

    Is the Night Manager a translation from John Le Carre's 1993 novel? Personally I prefer audio books over online (soft) copies..I dislike wearing my reading glasses for a prolonged period of time ..
  4. Karaoke Singing Groups??

    Back to K-singing, perhaps we can arrange for a weekday (cheaper..) session for old-men bonding...
  5. Karaoke Singing Groups??

    ** 大家都应该知道我比较喜欢低音。。蔡琴, 徐小凤, 梅艳芳, 赵鹏, 潘秀琼等等。。 ** 小凤姐的确唱过全新的电视剧歌曲: 浮沉里的不夜城传奇, 如果重相逢。 主题曲的歌词写得非常“给力”。。不再叹息新的一天又来临。 插曲: 怀旧味好浓。。适合老饼听。。 八卦: 潘玲玲本来是这剧的女主角, 但她拒绝亲热镜头, 放弃了机会。。陈秀还顶替。。 88年最上镜得陈丽贞-电视里的脸好大。。
  6. Oops the temp is sub-20 in that region till late March.. So wear layers ...
  7. Lines on butt cheeks

    Well for starters, you can do more butt-enhancing exercise to fill up that bubble butt. If all fails, try tanning in a gstring..tanned skin can masked those marks..
  8. Karaoke Singing Groups??

    老饼也曾经是个香港粤语歌曲的发烧(骚)友。。 真是想当年。。卡拉盛行时, 常常会在家庭聚会时, 不时地哼哼唱唱。。 什么 上海滩, 海阔天空, 夕阳之歌 也算是比较拿手的。 Of course, 还有我的偶像, 蔡琴的老歌! Interesting article but wonder whether the prices have gone up? http://thesmartlocal.com/read/cheapest-karaoke-singapore Every once in a while, I will pop over to JB on weekdays before 11 am. There is a karaoke joint at City Square Mall and yes, it is under RM20 with lunch thrown-in.
  9. Perhaps I'm jaded or I did have high expectations. I fastforwarded as much as I could during this video. Has the producers exhausted their list, 3 virtual unknowns (at least to me) as their starting 7s, I am like who is that? Jessie J is probably the only reason to watch this season.
  10. Well the onus is yours and the reputation is all you can lose... Don't be naked.. just wear something small..like a FBT shorts..without shirt, if possible. Possible because it is COLD today.
  11. Honestly why do anyone (other than the late Michael Jackson) needs this procedure? Most of us don't expose our penis under the sun and even if we do a little tanning, that area is protected. For those who dislike the "darkness" of their penises, try tanning the other parts so as there is an illusion that the penis is always lighter in colour than the rest of the body. Anyway an obvious tan line (the smaller the better for me) is much sexier than an all-rounded singular-toned body. And yes, I do agree that skills are more desirable than the colouring of my partner's penis.
  12. Remember Joanna Wang 王洛林。。 I took out her CDs this evening and recall the good d tunes.. She has that soothing yet (too much vibrato) voice ... that relaxes me on this bluesy Monday evening.. Go google for her songs ..in English and Mandarin
  13. Honestly when a guy does not respond to your messages (SMS, line, whatsapp) for more than 2 weeks, it is time to move on. He simply signals to you that he has others on his list and you are not mentioned! Always remember, you are special and should not subject yourself to such torments. 下一个男人就在眼前啊。
  14. 香港家計會研究數字一覽 根據香港家庭計劃指導會每5年進行一次「青少年與性研究」,他們於16年進行有關性交經驗方面的研究調查,只有大約2%的中一至中二學生,與大約7%的中三至中六學生有性交經驗,而有性交經驗的中三至中六學生,他們首次性交的平均年齡為15歲。 各地平均失身年齡 冰島:15.6 歲。 德國:15.9 歲。 瑞典和丹麥:16.1 歲。 紐西蘭:16.4 歲。 挪威、奧地利:16.5 歲。 英國、荷蘭、芬蘭:16.6 歲。 以色列:16.7 歲。 澳州:16.8 歲。 美國、葡萄牙、保加利亞:16.9 歲。 加拿大:17 歲。 日本、捷克、智利、比利時、法國:17.2 歲。 愛爾蘭、瑞士、克羅地亞:17.3 歲。 西班牙、希臘、南非:17.5 歲。 塞爾維亞、蒙特內哥羅:17.6 歲。 波蘭:17.7 歲。 斯洛伐克:17.8 歲。 土耳其:17.9 歲。 泰國:18 歲。 義大利:18.1 歲。 中國:18.3 歲。 新加坡:18.4 歲。 香港:18.6 歲。 台灣:18.9 歲。 馬來西亞:19 歲。 印尼:19.1 歲。 越南:19.6 歲。 印度:19.8 歲。 According to the above report, the median age of first-time sex in Singapore is 18.4..oops, I did it much earlier.. 我的性爱初体验也未免“太早”了。。。

    This is the end of my exchange of words with the frivolous pauper who is seriously lacking in academic materials and brain matters. Perhaps it is better for us as Sane employers to stop affirming their superb lack of information. Allow them to dwell in their pitiful self indulgence.. Time for us to kick back and savour the better things in our lives. World Peace...