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  1. Phone Sex (Compiled)

    Anyone for phone fun?
  2. Phone Sex (Compiled)

    Anyone for some phone fun?
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    Any still awake for phone fun?
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    Anyone for some phone fun?
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  9. Phone Sex (Compiled)

    Anyone for some phone fun?
  10. Book Recommendations

    Started a book club of sorts last year with a straight friend who is also into reading. The aim is to read a book a month and the book has to be released in that year. So far we have finished 4 books this year so technically we are up to April. Lol. The books we read so far: Winter - Ali Smith Woman in the window - A J Finn Asymmetry - Lisa Halliday King Zeno - Nathaniel Rich Of cosh in between we will do our own reading as I’m also into comics and Chinese books etc. currently I’m at the 2nd book of the latest Murakami book in Chinese. Not an enjoyable read for me despite me being a murakami fan..
  11. Phone Sex (Compiled)

    Anyone up for some phone fun?
  12. 44/178/110 chn Looking for whatever comes along...
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    Anyone can host for some light fun?
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    Need a massage now...any can offer?
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    Anyone still awake?