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  1. Open Relationship

    Seems like folks who are in open rs likes to share how open/mature/adult they are and how they're able to separate love and sex... they are the minority. Fact is most of us can't NOT because we're not mature but rather we believe we're the best for each other... When you numbed your brain allowing sex with others without love, you numbed love.
  2. Break up on Xmas night ....

    hahaha... watched White Snake Mama lately? LOL
  3. Likely to be in KL last week of Dec... happy to meetup with manly/cute fit guys. Ok to explore massage too
  4. In Batam now with another fellow BW member
  5. Best sexual enhancement supplements

    Got myself some Tenga Men's Charge gel during my last trip... tried once and I'm able to cum twice within a relatively short period of time without the usual fatigue.. Taste a bit like those sports gel in pharmacy. Willing to give this a try coz it's from a rather reputable manufacturer
  6. While mostly middle or old age man, there is the occasional visit from hot young man who enjoys being gazed by the others. Some older male can be attractive with muscled from their younger days plus sexy body hair And the "open concept" on those rooms is eye-opening.. totally enjoy my visit to both the Shinjuku and Ueno branches
  7. take a quick look... price seems good/reasonable
  8. Thanks bro. Tried body breath today... Just so so but probably due to mid day Monday so timing is off.. Less than 10 patrons.. In terms of cleanliness and facility, our cruise club is better
  9. Apart from Sauna.. Any Onsen gay/straight worth visiting?
  10. orh... thank q mr Laibrilian
  11. If you do not believe his crap, you should know what to do...
  12. What do u like?married man or single?

    You are probably right... hence am looking for "straight" man who happens to like dick/asshole... not into gay lol
  13. A story heard from a "friend" of mine... It happened during an overseas trip and he hooked up with a Taiwanese born New Yorker at Upper West Park. They proceed to his place soon after and while they nearly undress all, the guy's bf return home for some work stuff... My friend did what's shown on sitcom, seek cover under the bed without realising his shoe left uncover at the door... Heard some arguments before the bf left the house and they continue their fun... The shame almost killed my friend but again the sex is much more exhilarating in anticipation of the returning bf... which it didn't luckily...