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  1. 你的理想情人加分題篇 看圖片太無趣對不對?這次文青講給你聽~ 完整影片網址: 好想知道你的100分會給怎樣的人!你的理想情人加分題篇~ 這次還特地拍了影片處女秀來講解唷(因為選項太多) 第一次自導自演自拍攝自剪接自尻自己上字幕(? 希望大家會喜歡~~留下你的意見跟我分享吧! 快來看看你是不是大家喜歡的熱門人選唷 #如果把趴數就當成分數你能拿到幾分呢?
  2. Gay father’s adoption case shows limitations of S’pore’s legislation By LEOW YANGFA, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, OOGACHAGA I refer to the article “Gay Singaporean doctor to appeal failed adoption of his biological son” (Jan 5). The family as a basic building block of society is an important social value readily accepted by most Singaporeans. As a registered social worker in an agency working with many lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, queer and gender-diverse (LGBTQ+) individuals, couples and families, it is something we see many of our clients cherish greatly, too. International research informs us that outcomes for children raised by same-sex parents are no different from their peers in other families. Studies also reveal that a deciding factor impacting a child’s overall well-being is the stability of the family unit. In this case, as a result of the court’s ruling, the child and one of the parents now have differing nationalities, which can only lead to potential challenges for the family unit in future as the child grows older. How this is still “in the best interest of the child” is unclear. What this case reveals are the limitations that our current legislation faces in handling the realities of diverse, modern families in a developed country like Singapore. Love and relationships may define a family, yet legal recognition from the State accords certain rights and protections. As our society continues to evolve into a more inclusive one, we appear to be deliberately leaving some behind, to the extent of excluding them. Even as we love, accept and understand our own families, perhaps we can consider extending such empathy to other families, too. What is it like for us, as a nation, to deny a Singaporean parent the same citizenship rights for his biological child? Similarly, as the rest of the world moves ahead in these changing times, can Singapore afford to be left behind?
  3. Some bottoms can be very obvious while some are much harder to spot. The easier to spot bottoms are those whom had accepted themselves as bottom and don't mind other gays knows they are bottom. Then, there are those who don't like people to know they are bottom or whom are not so obvious to spot as bottom. In the sauna, if you want to know who is bottom, there are few signs to look out for. From outer appearance 1. some bottom will try to snare you by wearing their towel very low, showing their butt crack 2. some will walk in a feminine way or will try to act sexy 3. for those not so obvious, see if they carry condom or lube or little bottles in their hands. Lube & small bottles means they are bottom. condoms, likely top. most bottom prefers the top to carry condoms. From touching 1. bottoms will touch your cock to see if you have a big or small cock. some will want to suck you and see how big your cock will grow, if it passed their size test, they will offer themselves to be fucked. 2. when you stroke/touch the butt of a bottom, they will know that you want to fuck them. A top will move your hand away from their butt. 3. Flex will be harder to spot because some will depends of how much they like you before they let you fuck them, or when they enjoys the foreplay with you, Maybe then, they will let you top them. 4. In some rare cases, some top who feels that you are a better top then them and they want to try it for themselves to be bottom, they might let you top them. The universe must be in the right alignment of the Heaven, Earth and human before a top lets you fuck them. They are called the closet bottom because they will tell you that they are top and don't get fucked, and they will also tell you that no one knows they bottom to the right person and will ask you not to tell others that they bottom for you. The above explanation may sound complicated, it is, because humans are very complex and gays are even more complicated when it comes to sex.
  4. Lightening the load: Thai men gripped by penis-whitening trend James Rothwell 5 JANUARY 2018 • 5:35PM Thailand's public health ministry has issued a warning over a new and bizarre trend of penis whitening, which has been linked to the country's assocation of paleness with success. Skin whitening is popular across south east asia as darker skin is associated with outdoor labour and being poorer, with a wide range of bleaching products on the market. In Thailand the phallic fad has unexpectedly extended to men who believe a paler penis and groin area looks more attractive. But health officials have urged people to rethink undergoing the procedure, which can lead to scarring, inflammation and "nasty looking spots." "Penis laser whitening is not necessary, wastes money and may give more negative effects than positive ones," the health ministry's Dr Thongchai Keeratihuttayakorn said in a statement. The warning was issued after video footage of a clinic carrying out the unusual procedure went viral online. Internet users were shocked and amused in equal measure by the video, which has been shared more than 19,000 times, with one of them commenting under the clip: "It can be used as a torch light. Let it shine!" A spokesman for the clinic told the BBC that the procedure, which breaks down melanin in the skin using lasers, cost around $480 for five sessions. "Patients started to ask about penis whitening, and so we started the treatment a month later," said Popol Tansakul, the marketing manager of Lelux Hospital. "They are popular among gay men and transvestites who take good care of their private parts. They want to look good in all areas." Around 100 men visit Lelux Hospital each month for the procesure, Mr Popol added. "I wanted to feel more confident in my swimming briefs," one patient who had his penis whitened told the BBC's Thai service. Skin bleaching is controversial in Thailand and has been linked to racism, with one cosmetics firm withdrawing an advert which linked success with fairer skin. "In my world there is tough competition. If I don't take care of myself, everything I have built, the whiteness I have invested in, could be gone," Thai actress Cris Horwang said in the advert. Her skin then turns black and another, paler woman walks into view of the camera, at which point the actress says: "If I were white, I would win." Seoul Secret withdrew the advert quickly and issued an apology, saying they only wished to promote self-improvement of "personality, appearance, skills, and professionalism."
  5. As long as you show that you have lots of money to spend in the store and buy expensive goods and products, all malls will welcome you with open arms. All mall exist to sell you things you want, they are all friendly to those with money.
  6. Sometimes, when you suay, you suay all the way. Shit hits the ceiling! ------- Man who drove girlfriend's car without license fined $2,200 Wan Ting Koh Reporter Ashry Owyong Min, 24, was fined $2,200 for driving without a license, driving without insurance and driving a vehicle without its owner’s consent. (PHOTO: Video screengrab) More He drove his girlfriend’s car despite not having a license and ended up getting caught at a police roadblock along Yio Chu Kang Road. For his actions, 24-year-old Ashry Owyong Min was fined a total of $2,200 at the State Courts on Thursday (4 January) after he pleaded guilty to one count of driving without a qualified license, one count of driving the car while lacking insurance, and one count of driving the car without the owner’s consent. He was also disqualified from driving all classes of vehicles for a year. Min, who has been in the social media spotlight recently after his ex-girlfriend, influencer Chloe Teo, uploaded a blog post on 27 December detailing how he allegedly “five-timed” her while they were still in a relationship. The post has since gone viral. The car Min drove belonged to his girlfriend, 23-year-old Rhys Wong Sze Hwee. Investigations revealed that at around 3.30am on 22 September last year, Min took Wong’s car keys from the dining room of her home while she was asleep in her room. At around 4am, Min encountered a police roadblock while driving along Yio Chu Kang Road towards Upper Thomson Road. A police officer asked Min for his driver’s licence and discovered that he did not possess one. The officer then lodged a report against Min after taking down his particulars. Dressed in a white shirt, black jeans and sneakers, Min told the court that he was “sorry” for the act and pleaded for leniency as he was “still studying”. He declined comment on the case when approached outside the State Courts. For driving without a valid licence or driving a car without the owner’s consent, Min could have been jailed for up to three months or fined a maximum of $1,000 as a first offender on each charge. For driving a car without insurance, he could have been jailed up to three months and fined $1,000.
  7. Break up on Xmas night ....

    I am sure he is happiest when you don't appear in his life. That should be easy for you to do isn't it? But apparently, he is not happy when he is with you and it is very obvious that he don't want you anywhere near him which is why he blocked you, right? So why make yourself look so desperate and cheap by hanging around him. I am sure you are able to find yourself other friends. The best thing to do now is to go on living your life and give him time to get over you and you to get over him and maybe years later when you accidentally meet, you might still be able to have coffee together in the future. Don't make it so bad that whenever he see you, he will have to run for his life.
  8. Girl Asks Rick And Morty’s Co-Author How To Cope With Depression, Does Not Expect His Response 1 month ago byRokas L Depression is a bitch and not all people are able to tackle it alone. However, when Twitter user @chojuroh asked Dan Harmon, the co-showrunner of Rick and Morty, for help, she didn’t think he would respond. But he did, and Dan’s words were so powerful, we thought everyone should read them. “I asked Dan Harmon because I wanted advice from someone who suffers, but is not a professional,” chojuroh wrote. “This is the most basic, general advice I’ve been given so far, and it’s great. I participate in 4 separate therapies, and treating depression is the least of my worries. I know what works for me, but I knew it would help others for someone in the public eye to say something. Letting out your pain can do a lot of good in the long run, even if you don’t feel better right away.” Scroll down to read what Harmon had to say about the topic and let us know what you think about it in the comments. Daniel Harmon is an American writer, producer, voice actor, and all-around cool guy He’s the creator of popular show Rick and Morty A fan on Twitter recently asked him a personal, but important question… And he came back with the best possible response It pretty much left us all ‘kinda star struck rn’ It turns out, his words helped more than just the person he wrote to
  9. Break up on Xmas night ....

    It takes 2 hands to clap. If someone had decided not to be with you, accept it and move on. Trying to force yourself in a loveless relationship only makes you bitter, sad and emo. Which is exactly what you are feeling now. Don't be another basket case where you go stalking your ex. It never ends the way you want, he will never go back to you no matter what you do. You are just pushing him further away from you with what you are doing.
  10. How to tell if someone has depression SINGAPORE: The suicide death (/news/shinee-s-jonghyun-dies-in-apparent-suicide-yonhap-9507680) of SHINee lead singer Kim Jonghyun on Monday (Dec 18) has cast the spotlight on the pressure K-pop artistes face. But it has also brought depression, clinically known as major depressive disorder, to the fore. In Singapore, depression is one of the top three mental health disorders, indicated the Singapore Mental Health Study conducted in 2010 by the Institute of Mental Health (IMH). The ndings from the next survey, which started in 2015, are likely to be released in August 2018, according to IMH. The 2010 survey showed that depression aected over 57,000 adult men and about 102,000 adult women during their lifetime. This equated to 5.8 per cent of the adult population in Singapore that has suered from depression at some time in their lives. The mental condition is more than feeling sad or gloomy. "Sadness and melancholic feelings are usually temporary, and not as intense or prolonged in their symptoms," said Dr Adrian Wang, consultant psychiatrist from Gleneagles Medical Centre. However, depression is all-encompassing. "It envelopes the person and aects his mood, thinking, energy and physical functioning," he said. CAUSES OF DEPRESSION While the pressure of fame appears to point to the 27-year-old K-pop singer's source of depression, fans may never know the precise cause as the psychiatrist the singer saw was reportedly dismissive of his condition. There are dierent forms of depression and some are hereditary, and can occur in some families generation after generation, according to IMH. Studies have also suggested biological connections that are associated with too little or too much chemical in the brain. Life events can bring on depression too, such as the loss of a job, retirement, divorce, death of a loved one or moving to a new house. Social circumstances are other reasons; being lonely or lacking a social life can make people more vulnerable to depression. Although it is a mental issue, depression has also been associated with chronic physical illnesses such as cancer, stroke, arthritis or heart disease. The 2010 Singapore Mental Health Study revealed that nearly half of the people with depression had at least one chronic physical illness. Supporting that observation is a local study on depression in diabetics - it showed that 31 per cent of diabetics have the mental condition, according to IMH. SIGNS OF DEPRESSION Besides persistently feeling sad or gloomy, there are other common symptoms of depression to look out for, said Dr Wang. These include a loss in the following areas: Interest in activities previously enjoyed, appetite, weight, sleep (or on the contrary, sleeping more). Other signs include a sense of restlessness, ease of agitation, tiredness, an inability to concentrate, indecisiveness, feelings of worthlessness and guilt as well as recurrent thoughts of death. If a person experiences ve or more of those symptoms for two weeks or longer, he is likely to be depressed, according to IMH. "However, for some people, the symptoms may be hidden," said Dr Wang. Like Jonghyun, these individuals may appear ne but may feel despondent or even suicidal. "They may be putting up a brave front because they do not want others to worry about them, or may feel ashamed of their sad feelings which they (wrongly) think of as a sign of weakness," said Dr Wang. WHEN TO GET HELP "Even mental health professionals nd it hard to dierentiate between someone with serious suicide intent, and someone who is just crying for help," said Dr Wang. All suicidal gestures should be taken seriously. "If you receive such a message, you should check on the person, and at least notify his family or loved ones, so that they can keep an eye on him," said Dr Wang. WHAT TO SAY OR DO There is no need to give advice or solve the individual's problem immediately. Being there and showing that you care is a good start. "Oering a listening ear and being good company to do things with are more important than giving proper advice," said Dr Wang. "Listen in a non-judgemental way. If you want to oer advice, begin by instilling in the person a sense of hope," he said. "Work towards some short-term solutions rst, so that the person does not feel so overwhelmed by his problems." If the person insists he is not depressed - even if you believe he is - do not be confrontational. "Give him time, listen and tell him you are available if needed" said Dr Wang. Another way to help the depressed person, said Dr Wang, is to help the individual have a daily routine. Check in on him from time to time to encourage him. Source: CNA/bk
  11. No one can make suicide thought go away, but talking to someone who might understand the situation or for a suicidal person to talk to and hear their pain / troubles may help. Sometimes, they just need someone to listen to their pain / hurt and have them able to empatise with them.
  12. 'BACKSTORY' Is A Short Film On Mortality That Became An Immediate Masterpiece Lured in by the visuals, I wasn't prepared to go on the journey of what "Backstory" had to offer. It connected with me immediately and it was too late. I was on a thrill-ride through a life that seemed eerily familiar. I can't say more, but promise me you'll watch this. It's a piece you won't forget and it will be the best 8 minutes of your day. It has already won 33 awards, to give you the scope of their accomplishments. About: 'BACKSTORY' was shot in Germany in 17 shooting days over a period of 1,5 years. It has been screened at more than 110 festivals worldwide and, so far, has won more than 30 international awards. Our love goes out to all the wonderful people who worked so hard on this film for such a long time! :-) Team: written and directed by Joschka Laukeninks for more info visit backstory-film.com or follow us on facebook facebook.com/backstoryshortfilm produced by themarmalade.com written and directed by JOSCHKA LAUKENINKS produced by BENJAMIN HORSTKOTTE produced by TOBIAS WICHURA cinematography by EIKE RIECHE edited by VERA BERG starring JAN STAPELFELDT, JESSICA MCINTYRE, XENIA ASSENZA narrated by PHILIPP MOOG music GERMAN WAHNSINN production company THE MARMALADE FILMS ‘BACKSTORY’ (short film) by Joschka Laukeninks
  13. Top 12 Most Popular Posts Of 2017 Dear Straight People, Seeing as the start of a new year is always a good time for reflection, here is a recap of our 12 most popular posts of 2017 on Dear Straight People. From powerful opinions to inspiring interviews, here are 12 posts we produced this year that got a lot of people talking. 12. Songkran 12 Trailer: Giveaway Video The first entry on our list is none other than the recent promotional trailer we produced for gCircuit! With 2 VIP ALL ACCESS PASSES worth over $2,000 to Asia’s largest gay dance festival up for grabs, it probably shouldn’t come as a surprise that our promotional video for Songkran 12 was one of our most popular posts of 2017. You can still grab discounted tickets to SK12 here: http://www.gcircuit.com/ticketing.php 11. Spotlight On Chemsex In Asia Taking up the 11th spot in our list is none other than our feature on the chemsex phenomenon in Asia. This collaboration with DJ Big Kid sought to address the growing issue of chemsex addiction throughout Asia in the hopes of raising awareness about this thorny issue. 10. An Open Letter To Those Bent On Destroying Pink Dot Coming in at number 10 with over 3,000 shares is this powerful letter by acclaimed Singaporean playwright Alfian Sa’at, who had some strong words for those who go out of their way to oppose Pink Dot SG. This note may have originally been written over a year ago but its message continues to remain relevant up till today. Read the powerful letter here: http://bit.ly/AlfianLetter 9. Out Of The Closet – Whyan Chen Shares His Story The 9th most popular post of 2017 belongs to the story of Whyan Chen – starting from his humble beginnings in Taipei to working alongside Taiwanese pop diva Jolin Tsai. Read the full story here: http://bit.ly/WhyanChen 8. Out Of The Closet – Jono Kwan Shares His Story The 8th most popular post of 2017 is the story of how Jono Kwan went from being an outcast with no friends to becoming the confident young man you know today. Read the full story here: http://bit.ly/JonoKwan 7. Out Of The Closet – Theresa Goh Shares Her Story The 50th feature of our Out Of The Closet series is none other than paralympic medalist and 2017 Pink Dot SG ambassador Theresa Goh – Singapore’s FIRST ‘out’ athlete! Read the full interview here: http://bit.ly/TheresaGoh Watch the full video on Facebook here. 6. Fitspiration Of The Week – Gerald Koh From Singapore For those of you whose New Year’s resolution is to get fit, here’s a story you should bookmark. The fitspirational story of how Gerald Koh managed to shed off his excess weight in just 8 months is our 6th most popular post of 2017 Read the full story here: http://bit.ly/FitspoGeraldKoh 5. Out Of The Closet: Jack Lim Shares His Story Kicking off the top 5 is yet again, another shirtless hunk, proving that sex really does sell! But there is a lot more to Jack Lim than his hunky physique. Outed against his will and forced to drop out of law school, the inspirational story of how Jack Lim beat the odds to become a Talent Business Partner in the world’s largest media agency was so powerful it was shared over 3,000 times on Facebook alone! Read the full story here: bit.ly/JackLim 4. Out Of The Closet: Sean Foo Shares His Story After single-handedly running Dear Straight People for over 2 years and interviewing over 50 queer individuals, the founder of Dear Straight People finally decided to come out publicly. With a reach of over 100,000 people and media coverage from publishers like Millennials Of Singapore and HornetNews, the personal coming out story of Sean Foobecame the 4th most popular post of 2017. Read the full story here: bit.ly/DSPSeanFoo 3. Taipei Pride Parade 2017 – First Look Coming in as our 3rd most popular post of 2017 is our inside look at what went down at the 15th Taipei Pride Parade! The first parade to be held since Taiwan’s top court ruled in favour of same-sex marriage, this was definitely one of the highlights of 2017. 2. Meet The Mother Of Two Gay Sons This video may have been filmed in 2016, but that hasn’t stopped it from being our 2nd most popular post of 2017. This touching interview of a Singaporean mother of two gay sons has accumulated over 150,000 views across Facebook and YouTube to date! 1. Home – LGBT National Day Cover Of Kit Chan Song This shouldn’t come as a surprise for people who’ve followed Dear Straight People’s content closely. Our MOST popular post of 2017 is none other than our viral LGBT National Day cover of ‘Home’, that earned features on numerous media publications ranging from queer sites like Gay Star News to mainstream media such as Mothership.sgand MustShareNews. As we move on to the start of a brand new year, Dear Straight People would like to sincerely thank you for all of the love and support you’ve given us! Running this website has not been an easy task. But seeing the positive impact our content has had, particularly the heartwarming messages we’ve received from those still in the closet, has made everything worth it. We’ve got some incredibly exciting plans for 2018 that we cannot wait to share with you so like us on our Facebook page to keep up to date with the latest updates! Support Dear Straight People On Patreon Support Dear Straight People and our mission in telling stories that broaden hearts and open minds by joining us on Patreon! From as low as $1 a month, you will receive access to patron-only content, behind the scene material, exclusive deals and discounts and many other rewards: bit.ly/PatreonDSP
  14. I had a friend who wanted to committed suicide by swallowing lots of pills. He called me and told me that he had attempted suicide. So I rushed down and at the same time called to SOS. The person over the phone told me that if someone wants to die, no one can stop them. They would had already been dead. Those who want to die but not die immediately but call friends and family are those who are seeking attention that they feels like dying but have not have the courage to die yet. So, if you are still on BW posting about dying, yet, you are basically seeking attention which none of us here can help. We are not professional counsellors or psychiatrist. You might want to call Oogachaga counsellors for help or SOS for that matter. It's still not too late. There are many ways one can die. Jumping off buildings : but die with every bones fractured or head smashed with brains splatted all over the floor or on a car. Messy death Hanging : Don't die immediately, the face will turn purple and tongue sticks out and if found a few days later, body decomposed and smelly. Messy & ugly death Swallow insecticide : The throat all internal organs burned and dies a painful death. Worst is you don't die but ends up not able to talk or swallow food. Painful death. Sleeping pills : Dies peacefully, but if found early, will be sent to hospital and get the stomach pumped to get the pills out. If found after few days, will be bloated and smelly. Should you decide to die, make sure it's less messy and less troublesome for people. Also remember to write a will or a parting letter for your friends and family. Anyway, you do know that they will harvest your good organs and implant them on those who is sickly and who knows, you might save a few others while you are gone. 功德无量! Oh, before I forgot, my friend did not die and many years after being discharged from hospital, he is living a healthy and fruitful life and he is still gay and happily attached and more mature and less emo now.