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  1. All I wanna do today is read erotic stories and touch myself in office. 

  2. Picked my answer because a recent close shave and experiences have brought home the realisation that life is fleeting, so my answer was pretty much context-dependent although I would likely pick a number near my given answer anyway. Most content with: knowing who I can turn to in times of need Least content with: health, and how I view myself
  3. mid 30s... looks like what to you?

    If I could emoji hug your comment I would.
  4. Make A Sentence From 5 Letters

    Zealously anticipating gagging and intoxication WHILE
  5. Sex In Office / Workplace

    That’s hot. Having office sex is one of my fantasies.
  6. Disappointed in myself. I’m sorry that I couldn’t be that person that you wanted me to be, P. 

    1. Show previous comments  10 more
    2. sayfirst


      @72%dark you're kinda killing me here saying that.

    3. 72%dark


      I apologize. I genuinely wanted to help you feel better or reassured, not worse.

    4. sayfirst


      Dear P,


      I would like to say more but everything’s after the fact now. Besides, I’m being unreasonably selfish. 


      But, I just want you to know - you have always made me feel safe, wanted, and was thoughtful and ready to lend a listening ear at any time. I could see the gentleness in your eyes. It was real for me.



  7. Your profile pic so cuteeeee

    1. heliumduck



  8. If it weren't for a warm tight hole, tops would have no one to fuck but themselves.
  9. Instagram keeps showing me bikini-clad women on my explore page, does it think I’m bi??

    1. Heahe


      it could be a bug...

    2. Roy Mourinho

      Roy Mourinho

      Haha random one la

  10. Hahahahahahahahaha. They were really getting into it.
  11. Car Fun (Compiled)

    Anyone drives?
  12. You gotta live with yourself for the rest of your life, so you better make sure you like the real you. #showerthoughts

    1. sayfirst


      I don’t like myself now, for what I did to someone. 

  13. There are some things that I want in my face, your presidency ain't one of them. 

    1. sayfirst


      Now I understand why some older folk get disillusioned or jaded. 

    2. sayfirst


      "The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities." - Ayn Rand. So we know that we can't count on the state to defend minorities, but are we defending our own? Hmms

  14. Anyone can post their hot nipples pic?

    Was talking to a guy and trying to maintain eye contact instead of ogling his chest and his perky nipples damn