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  1. You have a photo for every situation.
  2. I’m not a JC boy but buy me ice cream thanks.
  3. Didn’t have the luxury to experience life staying on university campus but based on my experiences traveling, I would rather have a considerate roommate than a hottie who may exhibit some irritating behaviour. After a long day of classes and what not, the last thing I wanna do is to come back to a less than pleasant living environment and experience unnecessary stress. Physical attraction isn’t everything imo.
  4. I serve ICT at a camp with many hot dudes and would happily serve my fellow countrymen in um, several ways.
  5. I wish that my libido can be controlled with an on/off switch. So paralysing and distracting when the mood strikes hard (and no one to do it with). 

    1. gstringuy26


      Maybe can design one with a remote control? :D

    2. wantonmee


      it can. it's called masturbation. :P

    3. sayfirst


      @wantonmee lube helps but there’s nothing as sensual as being with someone gentle and passionate. 

  6. Did you go to the gay clubs like Queen or Always Homme in Itaewon? Was there on a Sat night at 11 plus and it was pretty dead lol. Could count the number of people in Queen at the time.
  7. Fitness First Fun After Gym

    The early bird gets the worm.
  8. Nus / Ntu (Compiled)

    I think it’s undergoing renovation and is blocked off from public access.
  9. Anyone Keen To Strip Naked And Exhibit Outdoor?

    I want to know this too! Blew a guy once at west coast park and another time at an open air carpark near west coast.
  10. I don’t usually subscribe to the happiness epidemic but my bouts of dejection are getting more frequent..

  11. Hearthstone (Compiled)

    New expansion The Witchwood launches today! Anyone still playing? Casual F2P player here - MachuPichu#6776
  12. @CKW is such a nice guy
  13. I assumed it was one of those scenarios where he was a hot ah beng oozing sex appeal in boxers after a shower LOL.
  14. Damn it this is arousing.
  15. Starts to think @CKW has a library of yaoi pictures that he jerks off to.