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  1. I have been denied a second towel before at around 10pm+, counter guy said they are low on towels. My first towel was wet from staying in the steamroom but they still said NO to issuing a second towel, and put up a sign at the counter stating so. SInce then, I have cut down my visits to KB since they give zero fucks to customers' personal hygiene. CC never denies anyone towels even on foam party events where the place can be bursting full with guys.
  2. Front Load Washing Machine

    Yes, with a regular front loading washing machine, I would say the clothes level should not exceed the "half line" of the washer window.
  3. Wah! Super Sentai fan? 

  4. Those who are fit.

    Muscular people have higher metabolic rates as muscles consume more energy.
  5. He grew up in the USA, so his English is a lot better than his Japanese.
  6. https://9gag.com/gag/aynrgWY/this-is-why-ghost-dont-kill-people-in-real-life-it-would-be-super-awkward
  7. Woman shouted at me

    I experienced the opposite. Wore pink tank top to Pinkdot, then went for Play Pinkball clubbing to Suntec. Took cab home after that, and when I was paying the driver (an Indian man) before I got off, he turned on the lights in the cab, saw my pink tank top, and said (along the lines of),"Oh Pinkdot! I support it! My whole family do! Keep it up!". Haha a very heart-warming end to a long day.
  8. When considering the meaning behind such slogans, it is important to think of why such slogans exist. "Support the freedom to love" was created in response to the discrimination faced by LGBT, just as "black lives matter" was created in response to the violent discrimination faced by Blacks mainly in USA. "Black lives matter", so "All other human lives don't matter"? "Malay lives don't matter"? "Hispanic lives don't matter"? No, but in the context of violent discrimination of the Blacks, "black lives matter" stand correct. In fact, in African country when Blacks are the majority, "black lives matter" don't even apply. So, it is important not to misunderstand such slogans used to push for reforms. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Lives_Matter#Criticism_of_.22All_Lives_Matter.22
  9. Unfortunately, as of now, the law of any country does not ban unprotected sex between a legally married couple. And the law of any country does not allow marriage between two blood related siblings. Equal rights are written into the law. You can assume many things, but until that law changes, the gay community is just asking for legal equality as the straight community with regards to the present law, nothing more nothing less. Like how Taiwan phrases it, 婚姻平权. And besides, there already exist a form of love between siblings and their family: familial love. "Freedom to love" doesn't just mean romantic love, you know.
  10. Because you can't stop a legally married couple (siblings or otherwise) from having unprotected sex and getting babies from it. It's either legally married or not, regardless of whether they are blood-related, if you want to view all married couples as equals. You can't have one group of legally married couple having more rights than another group of legally married couple. Total equal rights clearly wasn't in his mind when he proposed his argument. This type of people are those who think that one group of human beings is more superior than another group of human beings.
  11. Since most straight siblings out there are fertile and thus can't get married, if we allow infertile straight siblings / gay siblings to get married, it would be inequality to the fertile straight siblings. We are (currently) asking for equality with the (current) straight community norms in terms of marriage rights and recognition. EQUALITY is the issue here, I'll say. At the end of the day, all we want is to raise the social status of LGBT to be on par with the straights.
  12. This is so true. What's being talked about here exists only in the ideal world, but the real world is far more harsh. But then again, Mr Angry should also realise that in the real harsh world, people attractive or not will always be attracted to the more sexually desired; his idea that only the attractive ones should message him on Grindr exists only in the ideal world. Everyone likes pretty things, right? Just as anyone have the right to message him on the apps, he have as much right to ignore those he find unattractive and even more so, rant about it on his own Facebook account. I prefer to rant about it in my heart though. People are already not reading profile introductions on apps, so no point putting the rant on your social media anyway. Welcome to this thread: https://www.blowingwind.io/forum/topic/86887-what-do-u-think-about-chubs-who-look-for-slimfit-guys/