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  1. Indeed. Sometimes there were some “kor kor” who liked to show off their pubescent hair and hard on cock to younger “didi”. Some uncles also like to intimidate young guys with their big cock while showering. Those were the glorious days of swimming. Those old enough would know the notorious River Valley swimming pool, the Grand Master of all pools. BV, Katong and YCK pools pale in comparison. Too bad, these are all history now.
  2. Behaviour at Urinals

    When there are people washing it openly, I will do the same. In my previous company, there are a few Muslim guys there. They and I, we washed openly cos there was a few occasions where we were in the toilet together and we happened to see each other doing it. So we know it’s acceptable among us.
  3. Behaviour at Urinals

    That’s good. I am non Muslim but I also wash mine whenever I have the chance. I find it’s clean and good habit. Our toilets here ought to have some bidets around for washing. Doing it openly at the basin will attract too much unwanted attention.
  4. The scene at swimming pool where you see older guys with pubic hair and perhaps exposed glands, I can certainly relate to that.
  5. Behaviour at Urinals

    If you go Malaysia, you can see a lot of Malay men there wash their cocks openly at the basin. It’s a good habit actually.
  6. Behaviour at Urinals

    I also prefer to take it out the same way as you. The only time where I take it out through zipper opening is when I wear baggy short without underwear. Hehe
  7. Behaviour at Urinals

    Wow. This thread is so deep hidden. Mol.... for an update. I was using the urinal just now. Then a guy came in. He took his cock out from the zipper opening and left it there hanging/protruding. Both his hands were then on his mobile phone, busy messaging. He stood there and peed hands-free!!
  8. True Fitness Fun After Gym

    This morning at one of the branches: i was at the basin area and it’s just a foot away from the toilet cube. Inside one of the toilet cubes, I heard heavy breathing/heavy panting sound. Then a short while later, I heard a voice saying “...ahhh... f-u-c-k....” Relief and silence.... toilet paper sound and wipe wipe sound. Does that ring a bell?
  9. Looks like there are many free ballers around. Good to know. Hahaha i was asking in another thread if there is a free baller chat group on LINE. That would be awesome to have our free ballers network.
  10. Superman has a cock of steel. We, human have only cocks made up of flesh. Same same but different.
  11. All accidental exposure is an enjoyable one, especially if it’s a local Chinese guy.
  12. How was Gerald Koh able to get so lean?

    There are still tons of fat yoga practicioners out there. oops!
  13. Very true. We, fellow aj, shouldn’t be too uptight too.
  14. The WiFi connection has an issue and I called for the service provider to sent a technician over. The technician came and he squared down to do some checkings. I was standing behind him could see his butt crack. Not sure if he was freeballing or his underwear just slipped downwards. It’s a accidental exposure, anyway.