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  1. Katong Swimming Pool

    Date: 21 Apr Time: 1-2pm To the man with white hair in black trunks w a green narrow stripe around it, aiyoh..... don’t need to be so cautious la. Not everyone wanted to look at you and frankly, there is nothing on a male body that we have not seen. Chill! To that bespectacled Uncle in greyish blue Arena, you were too obvious today leh. Youbhave hibernated more than 1hr in the showere room. Scared ppl away, you know. Tsk tsk.
  2. True Fitness Fun After Gym

    To those who have been with TF long enough, I hope you still remember there was this character who we nicknamed him “Holister”. Holister is back (minus the Holister tshirt)!
  3. Any Thong Lovers Out There ?

    Pls share some photos of you in your new underwear.
  4. Can you even decide on this?! Seriously?
  5. Yoga

    Ah glad to find a new yoga thread here. Been practicing more seriously after a long hiatus. Slowly but surely. i noticed one some weeks, Priyan’s program for beginners and essential classes are pretty challenging. Can all the student cope? Just curious.
  6. Socially acceptable to wear tights in gym?

    You mean only buff guys can wear tights?! Wow! You decide what you want to wear. Don’t give a fuck to what others think of you! You can NEVER satisfy everyone, anyway.
  7. Chain Reaction

    Bear hunting
  8. True Fitness Fun After Gym

    Don’t “maybe”. Please change. One people less each day will make a big difference to the crowd.
  9. True Fitness Fun After Gym

    Not no one can do anything but it’s no one complains. So TF takes the easy way out which is not to do anything. I’m sure of someone complains all the way to the press and Mr G gets to know about it, drastic actions will be taken to clamp done such activity.
  10. True Fitness Fun After Gym

    Good tim or bad time, it’s still NOT a gay sauna per se. Gay men should stop behaving like everywhere they go is a gay sauna setting lor.
  11. Swimming Pools / Complexes (Compiled)

    One gay man can have many identities. Among the straight community, he can be A. Among aj fren, he can be called B. Circuit name can be C. Among fuck buddies, he is D.
  12. Gay Men: Are You a Jock, Otter, Bear or Wolf?

    Need a definition for Asians. The above description is too pro-Caucasian.
  13. Swimming Pools / Complexes (Compiled)

    TPY cannot swim de. Very crowded. In fact, most of the pools are crowded on weekend.
  14. Different individual likes different thing. What does not look appealing to you, may look attractive to another person. That’s my view.
  15. True Fitness Fun After Gym

    Hahaha. A few weeks oredi ballooned ah? Maybe he is “bulking”? Talking about bulking, I do see quite a few people bulk until over the limit. From lean muscular to bui bui.