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  1. Hot doctor at 24hs clinic @woodlands mart

    yeap he treated me when i was sick twice. heheheheheh
  2. Hot doctor at 24hs clinic @woodlands mart

    His name is Dr. Shane Alexander Abucewicz Tan.
  3. Anyone Into Cuddling?

    Luv to have a cuddling sessions.
  4. Chain Reaction

    Used till gone.
  5. North ~ Woodlands, Admiralty, Sembawang, Yishun

    Hi there. Woodlands here
  6. Scenario 1 We are chatting fine on Grindr or Jackd. All of a sudden, the conversation stops... Scenario 2 We got comfortable enough with each other to exchange WhatsApp. We continue to chat for a few days but then the conversation stops... Scenario 3 We met up and even went out more than once. We watched movie, held hands, kissed and jo for each other. We were happily chatting and planning for our next outing, the conversation stops... Scenario 1= Maybe got tired of chatting or got things do or got fed up with lots of question. Scenario 2= Same as scenario 1 and also found that not suitable and also found someone else. Scenario 3= Same as scenario 1 & 2 and also maybe he just want a fun and see how far he can go till the other party gave in or reject. At the end of the day be it gay or str8 this are the characteristic of 'mating' lor until we get the right one. Survival instinct. Hahahahahahah Move on and cast another net. Hahahahahahah
  7. place now in woodlands

    hi there
  8. Hairy Armpits fetish

    me luvvvvvvvvv it..........
  9. Bangladeshi Boy here

    Hi there.
  10. You know home based massage in clementi? Can I get the contact and pricing?

  11. Hot doctor at 24hs clinic @woodlands mart

    He is Super cute hunky doctor and very stylish.