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  1. Anyone here has special love for speedo ? It gets me real hard on. Sometimes I wear it as my brief and I put on a skimpy pair of speedo to massages. The masseurs get extremely aroused when they see it.
  2. Realized there's not much of outdoor fun or exhibitionist stories in Malaysia but I know there's a lot of people do want and have a lot to share! Let's start!
  3. Do you have any stories to share on kinky piss drinking or golden shower? Is there anyone interested in drinking pee? Or being sprayed w pee?
  4. Time Should I waste my time on you who i can't control Should i waste my time on things that is of my beyond Can't we see the time that went tick tock Is this the right time or is it not? They say time flows like a stream To a land where there are many dreams But you told me you did like to be a place full of surprises and supremes There are no other choices but this is the way its seems. I do not know what to say The world is so full of grey You say I am imperfect and this I know Yet I still think you are gold I may be kind and silly but it’s not fine. Your avoidant ways clearly shows through time Time will reveal who you are And you can really be a pain in the arse Letting you go should keep you afar As there is nothing left to be my fuss Finally I can get on my path. E.T. 13.01.2019
  5. What are some of the "Pearls of Wisdom" that you have heard or reflected from an experience? Some example are like: 1. You cannot give what you don't have. 2. Good things in Life comes for free. 3. Choice is the Freedom one gets. 4. 静 恩 仁 悟 空
  6. Just wanna have some story time. This happened really unexpectingly and i feel that despite how 2020 has been to us, i still feel that there is still good left this year. It all began when i was scrolling through Grindr randomly. Was not looking for anything in particular because at this age (i’m turning 30 this year), I was already not expecting much from this app anyway. But then suddenly i saw this profile. He was staying nearby too. His profile pic looks decent and i thought why not say Hie. So i decided to say Hie first. He is 36 this year btw. He replied. The chat started very awkward with all the usual introduction. At this point, i didn’t expect much. He was very interested at the picture i gave him and he said it sure does gave him the attention. At the very beginning the chat started out a bit slow. So i thought to myself, this was going to be another case whereby sooner or later the chat will die out and after that either one of us will ghost each other. But to my surprise, he replied willingly after each replies. We even greeted each other in the morning. Which I find to be very strange in a good way as i was not expecting it to be that way. Days goes by, and we seem to be very interested with our chats that it seem as though we really enjoy each other’s time chatting. As we got to know each other, we decided we wanted to meet. So we exchanged contact with any hesitation. We seem to be so excited to meet as we were eager to finally able to see each other in person. So our first meet up was going jogging with each other. You can tell we were nervous but was trying to cover it up as we kept smiling to each other. We were happy when we finally met. So we had a good run till we ended up having fun somewhere. The session was hot as both of us didn’t had any fun for quite sometime. After that was done, it was not awkward at all. We continue walking back home as we chat. Can tell our conversation didnt stop as we chatted very naturally. I send him over at the mrt and waved goodbye. So days after that first meet up, we continue chatting over at whatsapp. We grew closer to each other each day by making time over our busy schedules to meet up whenever we can. Then came the whole Circuit Breaker period and this was when it really tested the both of us. Due to the strict restrictions, we were not able to see each other. Now this was the real hard part because the only way we got to see each other was through video calls. We both admit to each other that the situation made us miss each other a lot and the most sweetest thing was him using Grab services to deliver food/drinks/desserts for me. I was so touched at first and I returned the favour in doing the same thing too. We continue to tell each other that, once everything is ok, we will definitely see each other again. Fast forward to Phase 2 and when finally we were able to see each other, that is when things got serious. There was a particular day after we met, he asked me a question which led to the truth being told. I lied to him that I didn’t have any social media accounts (i.e. An ig account). He didn’t believe me and didn’t make any sound. Throughout the day, it made me feel guilty because i kept thinking of all the things that he had done for me. I didn’t wanna let him know my instagram account because at that point of time, i was attached with a girl. Yes, i thought I was bi. So before the day ends, I decided to tell him the truth. It was so hard for me to let him know that i broke down in tears trying to explain my situation. Despite him being hurt, he still cares for my feelings and he hugged me. He understand what was i going through and he was glad that i told him earlier before we went on further. That night was the lowest point in my life and for the both of us too. He told me he was cheated before. Just before we chatted, he recently broke up with his ex bf whom he was together with for more than 5 yrs. Can tell that night he was really down. He really thought it could work out between us and he poured out his feelings that night. We couldn’t stop texting each other that night till about 3am. I was crying non stop because we were trying to find a solution for this. We tried so hard to make each other to leave but our hearts really can’t take it. I knew how i felt that day and i knew i had to come out and be true to who i am. I couldn’t lie to myself anymore. This event made me even realise more that at this point in my life, i needed to make a clear direction to where i am going. The next morning we texted each other, our usual good morning. But we both didn’t slept well. I felt so guilty that i ordered his fave coffee delivery to his house. He was touched and he said he misses me. But he couldn’t stand the fact that I am still someone else’s. That was when i realise and made a decision. So i took the huge leap of ending of my r/s with my gf (she is my ex now). I decided not to let her know the real reason but i kept it generic with her. I knew sexually, i was not aroused by females. Once that was settled, I let him know of my decision and he was very supportive of it. He was glad that I looked happier now and that was the only thing he wanted, for me to be happy. After the whole saga, we were chatting even more and going out for dinner when we were finally able to dine out together recently. Till today, we decided not to have any status or told each other that we were dating. I mentioned my feelings to him before till one of the day inside my car when i was sending him off. We kissed goodnight and i accidentally said, ‘i love you’. He was shocked and smile shyly but did not reply. He texted me after that saying that he didn’t wanna sound bad to me but he said he was not ready for another r/s yet. He can’t seem to open his heart yet after what happened to him previously. I totally understand his situation but he felt that it was unfair to me if he would to keep me waiting. So now, we are really just enjoying each other’s company and having ‘fun’ with each other once in a while but we haven made it official yet. I want him to be my boyfriend and i think he also would like to have that but i think his heart was wounded the last time around and so he didn’t want to be hurt again. As of now, we are just going through each day. Are we friends with benefits? Are we dating? Will we be tgt as bf one day? I don’t know, only time will tell. Anyone went through somewhat similar situation? Hehe So what are your thoughts?
  7. Trying to exhibit, but don't know where is best?
  8. Please reply here with your Telegram ID.. Only for chubs and their admirers..
  9. mangotsf


    Let's be honest here... Bottoms, who has made u auto cum before Tops, how many times have u made your bot auto cum Personally, only got one such session where I autocame before. Met this viet dude (yep the one from my previous posts). We were on and off and the rship got so toxic but neways. The second/third time we had sex, I was comfortable w him alrd and got used to the pain of being fucked. That's when he didnt show me mercy anymore lol and went full primal on me. Remember how he propped me on his bed, legs over my head to fully fuck me and boy did he fuck me well. I swear I let out a whimper when he went inside fully. He did not even warn me abt anything, expecting me to take him fully. That's when I felt with every thrust, he was hitting my prostate with his curved up dick. I did not know anything about this cuz I was still a noob at bed. But at this point I was alrd moaning like mad. This went on for about 40mins hahah I auto came 2 times that day n it was my best session to this day.
  10. Anyone cruising in CF gyms after workout? At the gym regularly and opportunities are there in the quiet mornings and mid-afternoons. Share your stories/encounters here and arrange to meet up here
  11. Share your own personal experiences of Malaysia Gay Saunas/Massage stories. Would like to hear some stories of you guys. What did you do / cruise to get the guy that you wanted? How was the feeling with the person? Would you like to go back again? Share some thoughts and experiences right here.
  12. Has anyone here had experience with chasing after attached guys? I recently got to know this guy at a party. We hooked up during the party and it was only towards the end that he told me he had a boyfriend. They together for around 3 years already. Despite that, he continued flirting with me afterwards and we've since already had sex. He told me his relationship with his bf has now reached a stage where it feels like they are more like close friends than a couple. He also told me he has feelings for me but he wants to 'take it slow' first so we can get to know each other better. I know it's not right wanting someone who is attached but he makes it sounds like his relationship with his bf died a long time ago and it's very hard to ignore him when he constantly says sweet things to me etc. Of course, even if we were to get together, I know that I will probably never trust him and will be scared that he might one day do what he did to his bf to me. So has anyone here had experience with attached guys that resulted in a happy stable relationship?
  13. Guest

    China cam apps

    I used to watch those China web cams but they're shut down years ago. They are really shameless and I liked. Unlike cam4 which are predictable and boring. They have so many patterns to keep viewers engaged. E.g. They pay ordinary man in the street for sex and fucked them. They cross dress to pick up straight men at red light areas then watched their reactions when finally exposed. Some straights are already too aroused to care. Some are so soothed by the anal massage that they allow to be penetrated. Some spy at gay cruising parks and exposed the actions behind the bushes. Recently, I keep seeing some captured videos on Twitter. Apparently, these are still active. I try to ask them about the apps. But there's no direct answer, just that they keep changing to avoid detection and only insiders who pay are informed. Anybody here who paid to follow these apps?
  14. So just wondering if anyone has ever gotten horny while in a cab or Grab car and jerked off while seated behind ?
  15. BEWARE. Jurong east MRT station toilet(right below control station), there’s a Singh guy( looks manly & fair) who signals you to have fun and bring you to a secluded toilet or place & threaten you fr money! He even tried to take photo & say he will post online if never give him fuck bareback or more money.
  16. Hi everyone, I was just wondering if any of you guys likes transexuals also? I once met a transexual using Grindr, she was tall, ample breasts, very sexy with a 6 to 7 inch dick, she was wearing a singlet and shorts when I met her outside her house. She was smoking and I joined her to smoke one, I was telling her she was my first ladyboy and nervous I was. She was very friendly and approachable. She brought me into her house and closed the door. It was around 1 am so it was dark super .she held my hand brought me into her bedroom where she had her led light on, it was green or blue in colour. We both sat on the bed and we started to kiss.her kisses were sooo suductive I'm not sure how to describe it. My hands went to her breasts which were firm and it almost didn't fit in my hands.I started fondling her breast when we both lied down together on the bed. I pulled up her singlet and went to town on her breasts, sucking licking, squeezing. She closed hers and threw her head back while she grabbed my head closer. This turned me on more made me so hard. I directed her hands to my cock while my hands went to her hard cock. While still sucking her tits. She was hard, I grabbed her dick and started to jerk. she moaned a little, this caused us both to let go and strip. I brought my hard dick to her mouth and she sucked me omg best feeling.. like a slut. I almost cummed when I stopped and when down to suck her.her moans and the way she grabbed my hair made me feel so horny. I told her I wanted to fuck her and she put on a condom for me with the suck. And she went on all fours. I went in, it was soo warm, I started fucking her. Infront of us it was her dressing table with mirror, so I was seeing her facial expressions and her breasts. She knew and was making this slutty faces and grabbing her breasts, I couldn't last any longer and cummed. I sat down after that while making her stand Infront of me and sucked her off. Shortly after that I left and I couldn't have the time to meet her since.
  17. As the title states, I am homeless. Never in a million years would I have thought I'd be saying that. What brings me to the position that i'm in is because one morning I decided to sleep in, long story short, my roomate went through my stuff and found illegal substance in my closet. Few questions that I wish can be answered. Why did he went through my stuff when he came into my room to check if I was ok? Why does he think its ok to literally pick lock my room door when he can see that I was obviously sleeping? Why does he think its ok to invade my privacy like that? After he found "my stuff" the home owner said to him that he wants me out (my friend sent me a screenshot) so I just packed all my needs and left. Am I being too dramatic? The home owner wanted to chat with me that night but after that message that he sent to my friend, I just can't bring myself to have a face to face conversation with him. He's been my friend for a year (the home owner) gave me a place to stay, helped me through difficult times. I just don't know what to do right now. i've been staying at a cheap hostel for 2 nights and my money is running out so I might have to sleep on the streets (atleast until i get my salary) i'm scared, I'm homeless, I'm confused.
  18. Hi all, there is a syndicate group targeting our community now. i got to know this person by the name/profile of "frank scott" from fridae. he told me he wanted to buy a house or apartment in Singapore about 1 month ago. he said he does not know anyone in Singapore so i offer to help. he had been calling and email me all these while saying that he is coming to Singapore yesterday. He is from UK and often travel. his mobile number is always unknown number when he call you (+447539580075 or +447031802633). yesterday someone by name of emily wong (+60102799735) called and she claimed to be calling from malaysia customs called me saying that Frank is carrying too much cash and need to pay tax. he can only afford some amount as they had seized all his luggage. so they called me to help to pay the reminding 5000 malaysia Ringgit. i was abit skeptical but in order to save him, i went ahead. i know things happen in Malaysia customs. when asked for the account number to tranfer the money, they gave me a personal account name "Hassan Abdul Karim".Immediately i questioned why is it not a Malaysia customs name or dept. Western Union tranfer of fund does not need account number" She replied that this is the correct account. 1 hour later she called again and said that he need to pay insurance to ensure that the money can comes to Singapore. This time they demanded RM 11800. i immediately turned down as i do not know this person and have no obligation to help. So they reduce to RM 10000. I also asked why is there a need to pay insurance, if he is in Singapore, i can assist him if he have difficulty. Frank was crying at the back and beg for assistance. I recommend to make police report.I told him to contact his family and company for help, but he said the time is still early in London. And i also mentioned if he have access to his luggage, he should be able to take out money from his brief case.i was not very sure if this is real cases Frank also booked a hotel in Singapore and i checked with hotel there is indeed a booking. I draw the money from the bank and went to western union again, this time they stopped me from sending the money saying that one remit per day to one person. Emily called again and this time gave me another account by name of Harry Michael. then the supervisor asked me why i need to transfer so much money, i told them the reason and she called Western Union. Western Union informed that there is a syndicate group from UK and actively in Asia. this is a know thing in Western Union and whenever there is such transaction, they will be on alert. they also given me a website www.419bittenus.com it has all the pictures of the group and stories of all victims.they told me to ignore the call. luckily the RM 10000 money didnt went thru this time. however this time every 3 minutes Emily Wong keeps calling i ignore the call. Last nite i made a police report believing that this is a syndicate group. i also called up the hotel they told me frank scott delayed his schedule to Singapore due to some custom issues. I was still hesitating. I also called Frank and he was blaming me for not helping him. he was abit worried when he heard there is a siren sound behind and keep asking me what was it. I also told him that its no more morning in London and he can call his family for help. However i called Malaysia custom to check this morning and they told me its all SCAM. they heard this story everyday. i know its abit lengthy but a warning to all that the email scam is no longer new anymore..now they will get to know their victim thru website making you believe them. For me i lost abut RM 5000 but not RM 10000.
  19. So i met this dude in the toilet And he look at me...his eyes is like tearing up when he saw me i had to look away (because he is someone special in my heart and i was shy) as i can see his penis. He literally storm out of the toilet after that. I added him on facebook and we chatted, after just afew messages he stops replying, saying he is busy. It was until he stops replying my message that i remembered who he was... The first person that i made a promise not to forget, the first person that i fall in love.. We were together in poly...for a short while but he left me saying..till fate bring us together again. After the remembrance i tried to communicate with him I tried the following 1) keep messaging on fb messenger 2) tried to give him a note 3) even emailed him, twice via my work email to his work email And he ignored all my advances. .maybe it is not the type of advances he is expecting Or maybe his totally not interested My question is...can i love someone yet hate him at the same time? Like i wanna be at least a friend for him Yet hate that we can never be friends Anybody wanna share their opinion on my post? Wanna hear your thoughts..
  20. i am at a local sauna. i pull one guy into a dark corner to fxxk. he later told me he was virgin. after some rest, i went back for second round. got another guy. after fxxking and talking cock, he also said he was virgin. either it was virgin nite or there is a trend that btm like to say they are virgin. need to say they were quite tight but one of them seem too familiar with fxxking position. i think he lie to me.
  21. Seen many who shared their life story here like Larry and Yas. So with the support of Yas himself I would like to share something here on my own. This aint an exam or an ariticle where perfect english or a story with top notch grammar so pardon me on that. Here we go... Part 1 “You got into AC?” That voice echoed from behind me. I turned around and glance. It was Byrant, my bestie since P1. It was the day of our PSLE results and both of us did exceptionally well. “Yeah you too? “ I answered back while looking down on my result slip. It was expectation from both of parents whom are both Teachers to get into prestigious school. I hurried him off so that I could head to my Mum’s school and show her my result slip. It wasn’t until 3 years later when we were in Secondary 3 that something engulfs. I had no idea if it was fated or destined that I was in the same class as Byrant from P1 till secondary. At that point girls were my thing and boys seem to attract me in a unique manner. It is like I have eye candies in school I can drool at em but I can only love my GF back than who happened to be in Raffles Girls. It was somewhere nearing my birthday that we separated. Due to her interest in her studies and me being too busy with school (Prefect and ECA Captain) we eventually drifted. But it was no dramatic separation but a peaceful one where we bid our farewell and exchange pinky to entrust each other with the bond we had and to remain friends. Yes I know Pinky well I was 14 back then. I sat down facing the harbor (now known as Vivocity) and think about what had went wrong and how somewhere rather inside I find sexually attracted to the eye candies in school. Byrant came with 2 sticks of Ice Stick. Those were the time when it was Popular but now I don’t even see it anywhere much perhaps the modified version. “ Hey Aaron whats wrong man “ jabbing me on my shoulder while asking that and simultaneously passing me one of the ice stick. I twisted the plastic tip with my teeth and broke it open. “ Nahx nothing… Me and her. We decided what is best for us and …. “ Before I could even finish my sentence, from the corner of my eyes I could see him smiling sheepishly and he blurted out “ so she finally figured out you wanted best of both world? “ I choked on the ice stick I was indulging on and turn to face him, “ WHAT ?!?! “ I wasn’t expecting this from my bestie of 9 years to be saying in such a tone. “ Come on man, you still need to hide from me ? Those you ogle at in school and your infatuation with those swimmers and your fellow soccer mates. Dude it is obvious I am always there when you have training remember? “ Byrant was in swimming and always stayed back to accompany me for my trainings as we both live quite near to each other. I was taken back and blushed at his comments but tried to put on a brave front. Ego you would call it and did not want to jeopardize anything between us. “ Nahx I just admire how their physique is and nothing sexual “ The sound of thunder clapping through the skies and we quickly head for shelter. We had our dinner and parted ways after. No SMS neither MSN conversation nor the usual phone call that night ………
  22. Empathy & Ecstacy Part 1 The countdown beeper sounded. 5… 4… 3… 2… 1… “Congratulations, you have finished your workout” chimed the lifeless voice from the laptop screen. I laid out flat on my exercise mat, panting and perspiring rivers of sweat. Damn you, Jordan Yeo, and all you fitness gurus and influences. With your perfect hair and radiant smile, and making it look so effortless to get swole and ripped. I really should know better. Compared to these meathead 20-somethings, I am twice their age and their body fat percentage. What was I trying to achieve? I can only count my genetic blessings that I managed to keep trim and flat belly-ed over the years with jogging, swimming and cycling. With my salt-and-pepper hair and goatee, this daddy still manages to turn a few heads when I’m out and about, from members of all sexes, whether I’m clothed or in my swim trunks. They would say “I look good”, and add “for your age” for good measure. Bitches. I work out to maintain my sanity. CB has been especially tough for me - the company folded because of the epidemic, and the job search is anything but fruitful. The only silver lining is that, from years of rat-racing, I have squirrelled away enough saving to tide through this stormy period. With my sparsely decorated 3-room HDB flat fully paid (again, from years of selling my soul to the corporate world), I treat this difficult period as a prelude to my impending retirement. To pass time, I signed up with Laramove to do delivery, earning enough just to pay for petrol and a few culinary indulgences whenever I feel like it. The night sky was lit momentarily by lightning, followed closely by a clap of thunder, announcing the arrival of the torrential monsoon rain. The howling wind provided sweet relief from the humidity, as I started to peel off my sticky tank top, closed my eyes, and slowed my breathing. I didn’t realise how long I was out when the door bell rang. I turned my head to the left and saw, with my bleary eyes, the LED display on the set top box blinking 10:17pm. The door bell rang again, this time round more urgently. “Ah, my supper’s here” I thought. I completely forgot about the order I made earlier this evening, because I know I will be famished after my workout. “Coming!” I turned to my side, and supported myself upright to a standing position. I swung my tank top over my shoulder, walked towards to the door, and pressed the button next to the key-holder. An image of a man showed up on the surveillance screen. He had a clear plastic poncho over him, with a Pandagrub uniform underneath. His face was blocked by his cycling helmet and a disposable surgical mask. He was clearly drenched from the downpour outside, as he futilely wrung excess water from his outfit, while waiting for me to answer the door. Poor guy, I thought. I have heaps of empathy for the likes of them, because I am them too, other than the fact that my car shielded me from the elements. I almost felt apologetic for making the food order at such hours of the night, in such horrendous weather conditions, to have this guy pick up and deliver the order. I opened the door. He looked up, our eyes met, and I instantly knew who he was. It was him.
  23. Could a straight guy kiss another guy? Not just a peck on the cheek but a full blown kiss with lips biting and tongue. To be fair, he kinda gulped down a glass of Blue Spin before doing that, and his date (a girl) instigated the whole thing. But I am still very confused, and have been wondering if a straight guy can really do that under the influence of alcohol? Does anyone have any similar experience?
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