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[Gayhealth.sg] [ AFA MSM ] FREE HIV & STD testing (compiled)


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Just to update, received this email from gayhealth on 1 Feb:


Free HIV Test coupon by your Wingman

Gayhealth <pinkcarpet@gayhealth.sg>

Feb 1 at 12:31 PM
Hello fellow community member!
It seems a friend of yours has decided to input your email for a free HIV test on us. That friend of yours is a Wingman - A Wingman is somebody who looks out for you and is there for you through all your ups and downs in life: be it on social events, sexual encounters, mental matters or even other areas.
This is the time to be a Wingman for others.
Help us reach out to your friends by getting them to fill up a survey here.
Fabulously Yours.
Angels of Pink Carpet
Can some kind soul tell me how and where am I supposed to use this?!!
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Another update. Received this on 7 Mar.


Gayhealth presents: The Real Home Par workshop
Gayhealth <pinkcarpet@gayhealth.sg>
Mar 7 at 5:21 PM
Hello community member!
Gayhealth is proud to present our next workshop: The Real HomePar.
HomePar Workshop FB.jpg
The rumoured “Home Par” is a term we hear around the community – a party filled with hot guys, alcohol, and substances all confined in an apartment. If the boy is “lucky” enough, he gets access into this party and begins his journey that can last for days. What happens afterwards though – the lack of sleep, bone-thin frame, mood swings, alertness, erratic paranoia and HIV/STIs infection. Not many are well equipped to handle “The Crash” that comes after usage and dependency. 
Join us for a once in a life time interactive workshop experience!
Refreshments are provided!
Date: 16 March 2019, Saturday
Time: [Youth 1300-1500hrs], [General 1600-1800hrs]
Address: To be sent after signup
Contact us at pinkcarpet@gayhealth.sg.
Hope to see you there!




Guess what? No Unsubscribe link.

Labelled it as SPAM instead. Good grief.



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Guest no brain

 Is AFA anonymous HIV testing for gays permanently shifted to 43 Neil Road?


Is it done in the van? Do we have to wait beside the van while waiting for the result to be out? Isn't it as good as telling every car passing by you are gay and testing for HIV? 





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Guest Guest

Been to AFA mobile testing van, 15 to 20 min wait for the test result. Don’t be shy, and dont worry about who’s looking, they dont know you and you dont know them. And, there are a lot of people queuing on my last 2 visits and they dont care about other people on the queue haha.

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We are back with FREE HIV & Syphilis testing! Catch us at 29 Neil Road this 4 March 23! Save the date - We are starting at 2130hrs.
No bookings required but take note of our queue system and new timing. First come first served, while stocks last.

See you there!

For more info. visit https://www.facebook.com/gayhealth.sg/

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