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Lol,my section mates all strip off underwear in bunk than free ball to toilet with PT pants on.

When reach toilet before queuing,they will strip off PT Pants and tops.

Only chance to see them in underwear is after they bath when they dry themselves,most I see are BUM and Renoma.

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That time shiok,during my buddy birthday. My bunk mates decided when his changing,we go pin him down.We tied his hands to the bed,I pulled down his PT pants.We take turns to belt his ass (with his underwear on),after 10mins.We un-tie him and tied him upwards,we pulled his underwear down.We all take turn to touch his cock and lick it,till he cum.

we untied him and Press him down and force him to lick his drip cum till the floor is clean than we release him.

i secretly took his underwear smell underwear,it was a thin layer green hash puppies.

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