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I use a virtual trainer, I worked with him when still in the UK and now pay 60GBP to him a month, he writes custom plans for me every 6 weeks, they upload to an app that I can track my reps and sets during my workout, it also has video guides if I am unfamiliar with the exercise, and he's available on whatsapp when ever I need him.

It's working really well for me as the plans are more advanced than I would write for myself, and he targets the areas I'm interested in building or am weak in, I've gained 7 to 10 kg of muscle in a year  

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 I am trying powerbuilding style of traning. I want to gain strength but still build lean mass. This works for me pretty well, despite being into it for a while, but not too long.

So you will need to hit the gym 4 times Gym a week. Each session can cost me 2hr - 3hrs of my time, because of the intensity/list of exercise to do.


The Breakdown is like:

2 Days of Powerlifting Movements (Upper & Lower split) - Lift as heavy as you can for 5 sets, 3-5 reps 

2 Days of Endurance/Building Movements (Upper & Lower Split) - Lift as much as you can, with focus on tension. I do mix wild20 and dropsets into it, but most of the time I am just lazy and its a pain to do 20 reps with the max weight you can carry, so I end up doing 4sets of 8 Reps with very slow movements and holding the squeeze for the movements I absolutely hate doing.


I change and switch up my workout every 2 weeks, so I will change the exercises around with different focus and goal.


The result :


Built wise:

BF% : 24% dropped bit by bit. Then a sudden dip till 18% ish. Then I slacked off during this race season and my BF% went up to 21-20% now because I got banned from intensive workout for injuring myself and.... too much chilli cheese fries. I eat like a pregnant ladies because of my most random cravings. I don't eat clean and praise the man who discovered chili cheese fries. That shit is bomb, but I feel like a chubby fuck now.

Muscle Mass: Steadily gaining muscle. about .3kg - .4kg gain. Started with 52kg ish of muscle. I am now at 58kg of muscle

But there was this crazy week where I somehow managed to gain 1.3kg of muscle, which took me by surprise. And I finally have a butt to cushion me from sitting on a hard chair for a long period of time.

My only issues is that I might not be doing well enough for the building/endurance days because I am not a fan of the typical exercises. Plus I have really weak core and shoulders, so I have to go really slow and the list of exercise to clear is like... 13.


Power wise:

I enjoyed them despite being a weak fuck from the start. Strength steadily increasing. I couldn't bench more than 60kg, but I could increase a little these days, despite slacking off a bit.

DL went up like crazy fast. I could only do 100kg max. I managed to hit like... 130kg. Started to pick up clean and press, which is kinda fun! Went from pathetic 2.5kg/side to 10kg/side now. :D


I tend to leave the gym feeling like shit and jellified after. Its kinda like borderline over-training. It works for me, still fine-tuning it. Not sure if it will work. Just sharing. LOL I might be doing something wrong.

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