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[ AFA MSM ] Dos and Don'ts of Dating: Bake n Date


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What we choose to do or to be affects how we are seen by potential partners – whether we are sticky like yogurt or sexy like chocolate-dipped cherry. What should you do to find the guy you want? This workshop is for anyone who is finding Mr Right or want to be Mr Right.

Food is provided!

Contact us at pinkcarpet@gayhealth.sg

DISCLAIMER: Our workshop aims to educate the GBQ(Gay, Bi, Questioning) community on sexual health and our topics will contain activities that may be provocative. If you are sensitive to such content, please reconsider from signing up.


Sign up here: https://tinyurl.com/bakendate

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Guest Try and see
2 hours ago, -Ignored- said:

sorry but is this a baking (hands-on) workshop also? 


Yeah. I also want to know.


They teach you how to bake, or teach you how to date?  :P

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never argue with the guests. let them bark all they want.





After I have said what I wanna say, I don't care what you say.



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I dont really trust this. their main priority is just statistics collection...if u are organizing a baking event at least prioritise the baking first THAN the statistics collection... I've been to one of their events before

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