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    • By cityguy
      Hey, Any Top or Flexi near by SengKang, Fernvale, Seletar Mall, RiverVale Mall, Jalan Kayu, Hougang or Punggol Waterway Point, wanna have fun? Skype Cam Fun on night also can, leave your skype ID
    • By cityguy
      Shiok〜any slim, slender or skinny guys, want to jerk off on weekend night🤔⁉Haha...😃Shiok...✊💦
      Hum...come and I'll help you lah...✊🍆💦Shiok😗

    • By Speedomaxx
      Anyone here has special love for speedo ? It gets me real hard on. 
      Sometimes I wear it as my brief and I put on a skimpy pair of speedo to massages. The masseurs get extremely aroused when they see it. 
    • Guest Bi guy
      By Guest Bi guy
      Hi everyone, I was just wondering if any of you guys likes transexuals also? 
      I once met a transexual using Grindr, she was tall, ample breasts, very sexy with a 6 to 7 inch dick, she was wearing a singlet and shorts when I met her outside her house.
      She was smoking and I joined her to smoke one, I was telling her she was my first ladyboy and nervous I was. She was very friendly and approachable. She brought me into her house and closed the door. It was around 1 am so it was dark super .she held my hand brought me into her bedroom where she had her led light on, it was green or blue in colour. 
      We both sat on the bed and we started to kiss.her kisses were sooo suductive I'm not sure how to describe it. My hands went to her breasts which were firm and it almost didn't fit in my hands.I started fondling her breast when we both lied down together on the bed.
      I pulled up her singlet and went to town on her breasts, sucking licking, squeezing. She closed hers and threw her head back while she grabbed my head closer. This turned me on more made me so hard. I directed her hands to my cock while my hands went to her hard cock. While still sucking her tits.
      She was hard, I grabbed her dick and started to jerk. she moaned a little, this caused us both to let go and strip. I brought my hard dick to her mouth and she sucked me omg best feeling.. like a slut. I almost cummed when I stopped and when down to suck her.her moans and the way she grabbed my hair made me feel so horny. I told her I wanted to fuck her and she put on a condom for me with the suck. And she went on all fours. I went in, it was soo warm, I started fucking her. Infront of us it was her dressing table with mirror, so I was seeing her facial expressions and her breasts. She knew and was making this slutty faces and grabbing her breasts, I couldn't last any longer and cummed. 
      I sat down after that while making her stand Infront of me and sucked her off. Shortly after that I left and I couldn't have the time to meet her since.
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