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After exercise pictures V2

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Hey! There was a thread named something like this previously but I couldn't find it anymore, so perhaps it's time for a new one?    Let's motivate one another to keep fit. Feel free to post

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9 minutes ago, neuwave said:

lol you prefer shredded is it? i dont want to go thru diet...

You eat a lot during your bulk isit?? There's people posting videos stating you do not need to binge to bulk. 

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Let me live my life to be an instrument of a divine nature

in how I speak, in how I love, in how I see others.

Grant me the serenity to accept all things.  Grant me to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.

- May there be Love and Peace beyond all understanding -

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Very Interesting!

Many of you wanted me to ban @Lil.hen@lil.hen6 for using someone else pics as his and he in turn, reported some of the members for exposing him, saying that the pics are his and he is being exposed. 


I am sure most of you know that there will be such characters in the online world that uses other's pic as their own and it's not something new.

Even after I ban @lil.hen6 he can go and start another new account and use someone else pics as his again.
These type of people who use people's pic cannot stand the test when they are asked to meet in person. 


So, welcome to the Online world.  Is he real or fake?

It's not my job to go and find out and I have better things to do.

So long as you guys knows who you are dealing with, you be your own judge.


P/s:  his IP Address is from Malayasia. So is he Singaporean? Malaysian? or Taiwanese?



Caution for members!

There are just too many cheats and fake people online, not excluding assholes and idiots who are out to cheat you of your pictures, videos,etc.

You people are all adults. You decide with your own judgement what you need to do to protect yourself!

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My IP address is from Malaysia but I work in Singapore and recently migrated to Taiwan. So am I a Malaysian? Singaporean? Or Taiwanese? None of the above. I am a Fakesian (pronunced fak-kay-sian) from the Republic of Fakie Island..keke


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