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Berhenti - A Military Story

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Guest Wordsareallihave

Disclaimer: This story is loosed based on a real-life experience. Names of people and places have been changed but the essence of the story remains true.


Berhenti: A Military Story - Part 8


Mel pulls me swiftly towards her and buries her tongue deep inside my throat whilst Arun sucks on her fingers. After tasting my lips she goes back to Arun and does the same with him. She then comes back to me, pulls my shirt off and goes straight for my nipples. Her wet tongue makes them hard and she continues to lick and suck on them as Arun bites his lips and looks intensely at me.


Mel's lips gave me extreme pleasure but Arun's gaze continued to melt me. She brings us both to the bedroom where Arun removes her bra and starts to lick and suck on her tits. She moans as Arun gives me the signal to do the same. Before long, both Arun and I were suckling at her bouncy breasts like two hungry babies, whilst stealing looks at one another. 


Soon, our pants were off and Mel were taking turns sucking at our cocks as she fingered herself. I could see that Arun's cock was hard and throbbing and looked ready to fuck. He pulls Mel towards him and inserts his rock hard cock all the way in which makes Mel scream.


"Fuck, you're so big."


Indeed he was. As Arun fucked her, I could literally see his cock going in and out of her because of it's sheer size. Mel was at the brink of pain and pleasure as she screamed and moaned as he continued to fuck her. As Arun fucked her, he continued to give me glances and flirty winks which I had to admit, made my heart flutter.  Mel proved to be quite noisy and Arun placed his hand over her mouth to muffle the sound but she was still quite loud.


"Fuck, man. She's so loud."


Arun smiled.


"Every time, man. Put your cock in her mouth."


He moves his hand away and brings her mouth towards my hard cock. She sucks on it like a tasty treat. Her sound lowers a bit. Arun was quite the fuck machine as he pounded her nonstop for a few minutes without cumming. Suddenly, he pulls out.


"You gonna cum?"


"Nah, your turn."


We exchange positions.


"Two cocks in one day. I'm a lucky girl."


I smirked as I inserted my hard cock inside Mel. She let out a soft moan as I pounded her. Of course, she was less noisy which didn't really help my ego but I fucked her nevertheless. Besides, seeing Arun's sweaty muscles contract and expand as she sucked his cock was such a magnificent sight. Throughout the whole session, as we fucked or got sucked by Mel, Arun and I continued to give each other looks and glances. I couldn't really explain it but there was this unspoken heat between us.


We exchanged positions a second time and after what seemed like maybe 20 minutes of fucking, I was ready to blow.


"Fuck, I'm going to cum."


"Me, too man."


We both got up and Mel started to jerk both our cocks off. In a matter of seconds, we were spraying cum all over Mel and the floor. It was intense as Arun put his arm on my shoulder and gave me a wink. We cleaned up and got dressed and got ready to leave.


"Till our next time, boys. I'll be waiting."


We made our way back to Arun's home.


"So how did you like your first threesome?"


I shrugged as we went up the stairs of his block.


"It was okay."


"Just okay. Please, you were enjoying it. Mel is hot, isn't she?"


She was but to me Arun was hotter. However, I couldn't bring myself to say it. 


"Yeah, she is."


Aruns stops.


"What about me?"


I was puzzled.


"What about you?"


"You think I'm hot?"


Of course, he was. But I wasn't going to say it. His ego was already inflated as it is. 


"Stop playing."


I continued to walk up the stairs and got to his flat level but Arun pulls me and heads up the stairs. We must have gone up to the 16th or 17th floor. I was panting.


"Are you crazy? Why did you come all the way up?"


Arun looks around and then comes up to me. I try to catch my breath but he pins me to the wall and starts to kiss me. I pull away in surprise. What was this guy doing? And there it was his gaze. Those big brown eyes looking right at me. He knew my weakness. He goes right back for my lips and this time I give in. Our tongues danced as we continued to kiss. Just then, he brings my hand right to his crotch.


"Fuck you're hard."


It was barely minutes since he had cummed and he was hard again. This boy ready had some high testosterone levels. He rubs his crotch with my hand. 


"I want you to suck me off. Right here, right now."


He continues to look at me with that same intensity. This boy knew my weakness and was well aware that I couldn't resist his any request. 


End of Part 8.


To Be Continued…





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On 6/19/2020 at 6:10 PM, Guest Wordsareallihave said:

Disclaimer: This story is loosed based on a real-life experience. Names of people and places have been changed but the essence of the story remains true.


Berhenti: A Military Story - Part 8


End of Part 8.


To Be Continued…


WOW... the threesome is just the appetiser... time for the main course... and the chapter always end when I'm at my hardest 😢


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1 hour ago, amicablyalan said:

Looking forward to part 9 😀

Can we say, you baited me into thinking the next part was posted T>T

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Guest Wordsareallihave

Disclaimer: This story is loosed based on a real-life experience. Names of people and places have been changed but the essence of the story remains true.


Berhenti: A Military Story - Part 9


Arun  presses his thumb against my lips and gently moves the length of it while his other hand holds my hand to massage the increasing bulge in his jeans. His thumb continues to play with my lips as I lightly lick it with my wet tongue. Taking this as an invitation, he puts his thumb into my mouth as I slowly suckle on it. He takes out his wet thumb and pulls me close to him, as he mounts his lips onto mine. His kisses are rough and long, giving me barely any time to take a breath. As he pushes me away, I take a breath. But he wasn't ready to let me rest. 


He presses his hands on my shoulder, a signal to get on my knees. My face right in front of his crotch, he unzips and releases his long, thick, throbbing cock. It looked even more massive up close. I grab the base of it and easily pulled his foreskin away, to reveal the moist head. I give it a light lick. The taste was weird but strangely I didn't want to stop. I licked the top and moved my tongue up and down the shaft, making the cock wet. I could hear Arun's deep breathing.


"Put it in your mouth."


As instructed, I put the whole head of his penis into my mouth and gently suck on it. I didn't really know what I was doing as I had never done it before but mimicked what the girls did from the numerous porn videos that I had watched over the years. I looked up to see Arun who had his head back and looked like he was enjoying it. Taking this as a good sign, I continued to suck on his cock. I didn't go too far down on it as the first few inches were intimidating enough. I wondered how Mel could have taken that whole monstrous cock without flinching. 


About a minute in, I could tell that Arun wanted more as he held onto my head now. He wanted me to take him deeper. As he shoved the entire length of his cock, I thought he was going to drill a hole through the back of my head. My eyes began to water as he continued to fuck my mouth. I could barely breathe as he rough fucked my mouth. At one point, I pushed his cock away to take a breath but he was too horny and caught in the moment to give me a break, as he pulled my face towards him and shoved his cock down my throat once again. He continued to fuck my mouth and even held my hands when I tried to pull away. Arun fucked my mouth fast and rough and made no apologies about it. He only saw me as a means of pleasure and strangely I was okay with it.


"Fuck I'm going to cum."


I believed he would withdraw his cock and cum on the floor but he continued to fuck my mouth fast as I felt spurts of warm liquid rush down my throat. I could feel his cock pulsating inside my mouth as he only withdrew after he had emptied every last drop. He took his cock out of my mouth which was interestingly, still hard. It felt so surreal having someone cum down my throat. I couldn't really comprehend it. 


"That felt so good, man."


I got up from my feet, the after taste of Arun's cum still in my throat.


"I didn't think you would cum in my mouth."


Arun looked a little surprised, yet nonchalant.


"Oh, I thought you would have liked that. All the girls like it when I cum in their mouths."


His misogynistic answer took me by surprise. I wasn't one of his girls or was that how he saw me? Was doing this really the right thing for me? I couldn't really think straight. I told him that we should just go back to his place. As we entered his home, Arun stripped off his clothes.


"Let's go shower and maybe we can play some more."


Arun stood there in front of me, his muscled body on display complete with that cheeky smile. Just then, we hear footsteps. Arun had a look of fear on his face as he ran into his room. I look towards the door to see that it was Arun's family back early from their trip and looked stunned to see a complete stranger in their house. Before they can ask me any questions, Arun walks out of his room, dressed in a tank top and shorts and quickly explains that I'm his camp buddy and that I was invited over to play some games. His parents were nice and offered me to stay for dinner.


"No, he has got a hot date tonight. He needs to go home and get ready."


Arun gives me a look to go with his lie and I simply nodded. I take my things and make my way out. Arun gestures that he will text me later as he closes his gate behind me. As I made my way home, I receive a text from Arun.


"Hey sorry. Didn't know my family would come back so early.  I had fun today. We'll catch up in camp."


I put my phone as my mind drifted to the events of the day. A threesome and sucking off a guy. I never thought I would do either but it had happened today. And somehow it felt like I had no control in neither one of the experiences.


The weekend ended and I was back in camp. It was a slow week so apart from paper work and the usual training. I had some time to myself so I decided to spend some time in the gym one of the nights. Halfway through my workout, I was joined by Arun. Arun, was his usual chatty and vibrant self but somehow the events from the weekend were not allowing me to move freely with him and somehow he could feel it too. I didn't know why but I just couldn't be around him. I excused myself saying I was done and that I will see him in the morning.


I stood under the shower as the water rushed down on me. As I got lost in my thoughts, I feel two hands grab my waist. I jump and pull away in surprise to see a naked Arun standing behind me.


"Hey, it's just me. Relax."


I was startled by his presence and tell him to leave but he wasn't ready to go. He knew something was wrong and wanted me to talk to him but I couldn't. The reason was that it wasn't clear why I was feeling this way. I tell him to leave but he doesn't listen. He pushes me against the wall, holding my hands. I try to push him away but he's a lot stronger than me. I tell him to get off of me and leave.


"If you want me to leave, why the fuck are you hard?"


I look down and felt betrayed to see that my cock was hard and standing at attention. Somehow him being rough with me was turning me on. I was so confused. Arun gives me his usual crooked smile as he releases my one arm and grabs my hard, throbbing cock. 


End of Part 9.


To Be Continued…


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Lolz continue ~ 

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Guest Wordsareallihave

Disclaimer: This story is loosed based on a real-life experience. Names of people and places have been changed but the essence of the story remains true.


Berhenti: A Military Story - Part 10


His rough hand with callouses moving up and down my hard cock felt strangely good. I was getting lost in the rhythm as I took a deep breath which Arun noticed. He smiles.


"You like that, don't you?"


From his sculpted body, movie star looks down to the flirty crooked smile, everything about this boy captivated me. And his touch continued to enthrall me. I was slipping further and further into his spell and I was losing myself, losing who I was. I opened my eyes and looked deep into his, staring back at me with such intensity. With every ounce in my body and heart, I push him away. He falls back, looking confused.


"Get out."


Arun wasn't in the mood to listen to me. In his mind, I was probably just throwing a tantrum or worse playing hard to get. However, this was so much more than that.


"Oh come on, we're just having some fun."


Of course it was just fun to him. He was oblivious that this was more than just fun for me. 


"If you think someone's going to come in, I already checked. Everyone is getting ready for bed or doing something."


Those words triggered something in me. I couldn't quite explain it but I snapped back at him. 


"Of course, you wouldn't want anyone to know about this. Your dirty little secret."


Arun looks confused. And honestly, I didn't blame him. I was just as confused at the words that were coming out from my mouth. However, he must have noticed something in my eyes - a tinge of sadness perhaps. He calms down and tries to make sense of what was happening. 


"Look, you know this could ruin the both of us. Not just our time here but everything in the future."


He was right. Two commanders having fun with one another wasn't just going to be a black mark in our military records. It could possibly follow us all through our lives. Destroying our chances at having a successful career in the future and even creating great discomfort and embarrassment for our families. 


"I know and that is why this needs to end."


I could see that Arun was a little taken aback. Perhaps he was expecting a different answer. That maybe we should be more discreet and continue on. That we should perhaps do this out of camp, where we won't increase our chances of being caught. I believe the last thing he expected was an ultimatum. He steps back, his back against the wall of the shower stall.


"Are you really sure about this?"


I nod. I think he could tell I was resolute. Arun did something to me that I had never experienced before. Every moment with him felt like electricity coursing through my veins, cradling me between the bridge between life and death. But still it was a secret fantasy, away from the truths of reality. And although these experiences were both tantalizing and exciting, it wasn't true. It wasn't true to him or me. Thus, it wasn't fair to either one of us.


We must have stood in the stall, facing one another for a few minutes I believe. Naked and staring deep into each others' eyes, we were not throwing ourselves ravenously into each others' arms but simply looking at one another without saying a word. Before walking out, Arun gives me his familiar crooked smile. This time I could see it lined with a little despair as he walks out of the toilet. 


The next few months went on quickly as we kept busy with more of the batches of recruits coming one after another. Most of our time was spent training and teaching the soldiers who would continue their NS life after their brief stint in our guidance. Arun was to ORD a few months before me and so had been clearing his leave and off days. After the shower incident, Arun never tried to get me alone or make a move or perhaps rekindle what we had. He respected the decision that was taken and adhered to it as he knew much as I did that this was the best solution for both of us. His understudy, 2LT Daryl, was a lot like Arun. Disciplined and dedicated and expected the best from his team. The boys gravitated towards him and we all found a great synergy to work together. But he was no Arun.


I still remember that Friday morning. Daryl was preparing for some training for the recruits in the afternoon and was briefing us when the company office door opened. Standing there was Arun, sporting a fresh haircut and dressed in a fitted tee and jeans. He looked dashing as ever. The boys start to swarm him. He shows off his IC proudly to all of them, who look in envy. The usual talk about what you going to do after army ensued. I didn't really get involved in the chatter as I wasn't too interested. There were the occasional glances between Arun and I but they were only momentary before the attention shifted back to the boys.


"I will see you guys for dinner tomorrow. My ORD treat, okay?"


The boys roar in excitement and as everyone said their goodbyes, Arun makes his way out but not before discreetly gesturing to see him outside the office. I meet him outside and he ask me if I can walk with him to the jetty. As we walk without saying a word, I try to break the awkward silence.


"So you excited about ORD-ing?"


"Yea, but also a little scared. I mean now, real life begins."


I nod. Silence continues. Neither of us know what to say. 


"Look, about what happened..."


"You're right. It was wrong. I shouldn't have started all of this, that night at the beach. I was confused, I confused and we just got into this whole big mess that we..."


Before I can rattle on, Arun stops me.


"I wanted to say, I don't regret any of it."


It wasn't the answer I was expecting. 


"This was all very new to me and exciting."


His eyes look deep into mine. Somehow I felt he didn't want this to end. I didn't want it to end either but I had to do what was right.


"But it's over now. We all should move on."


Arun smiles and nods.


"I'll see you at dinner?"


I nod as he made his way to the ferry terminal. He waved goodbye and went to the waiting area as I made my way back. I didn't go for the dinner the next day. Texted him, saying I was sick. I got a :( on my phone followed by a next time then. However, that next time never happened. I ORD-ed a few months later. Every time, we had a gathering, somehow either one of us will always be unable to make it. I had been assigned to a new unit for my reservist training and lost touch with all of the guys. To make matters worse, I lost most of my contacts after my phone got wrecked.


I managed to find some of the guys on Facebook but not Arun. He had a page but wasn't active. Heard from one of the guys that his number wasn't in service anymore and that he probably changed his number. I didn't bother to ask more as I took it as a sign that perhaps the universe was finding ways to keep us apart. It was probably for our own good. A good ten years passed. I was now in my late 20s, quickly approach the big three o. I was working in a reputable company at a job I loved because it allowed me to travel and to meet new people. Things were going great except for my love life.


I continued to date women but nothing really worked out. After Arun, I thought I might be attracted to men and so decided that a shot. However, I couldn't have a connection with them lest alone anything remotely sexual. I guess it was just Arun that made me feel that way. I couldn't really explain but I had something with him I think I could never feel with anyone else - be it a woman or a man. 


Some of my colleagues and I were sent to Ho Chi Minh for a workshop/conference for a few days. We were put up at a nice hotel with many amenities and facilities. I often enjoyed these overseas trips that came as a perk with the job. My colleagues and I made our way to the hotel restaurant, where a scrumptious buffet breakfast was part of our hotel package. As we made our way through the plethora of dishes, my attention is turned to a table in the corner of a small family. A father, mother and their young son having breakfast. My attention immediately goes to the father.


The father, a well-built man with a tanned complexion has medium-length wavy hair that moves as he speaks. Those dark features accentuated by a heavy stumble makes my mind wonder. I can only see his side profile but when he turns in my direction, I see him straight on. His eyes meet mine. I gasp. Its the same brown eyes that I had often gotten lost in. And then, just like that, that familiar crooked smile appears. 


I am bewildered. There's no way this could be happening.


End of Part 10





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Ya...strangely I too felt a sudden wave of sadness descending on my chest after reading part 10.


Reminded so much of my struggle with my sexual orientation with an army mate WCT. Can never forget his name...haha


Please please reconcile with Arun can? Lol

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