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    • By Greenliv
      Call it shallow, call it superficial. But that's the dilemma.
      Someone with a pleasant face is always easier to look at and communicate. Otherwise, with a CMI face, it may perhaps take a long long while to overcome the mental hurdle of wanting him as a bf.
      Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but face CMI to the beholder, will the RS die off after a trying period?
    • By potato
      Public gay sex has been spotted many times at places like macritchie open shower and some infamous toilets and reports have been filed to the police. In the event of wanting more acceptance among the society, shouldn't we be well behave and not making it worse? 
      I understand the thrill can make sex more exciting but please be considerate for others.
      Gay saunas exist for a reason, if you want to exhibit, each of them have a corner or rooftop designed specifically for it.
      Please don't make the efforts put in by others gone to drain. 
    • By Lex999
      Hi org malaysia. Blh try cam pakai https://whereby.com/user/login ni utk vc2 yg best. Jom enjoy sama2 
    • By i_love_leg
      Why ngee ann poly so quite one???
      Anyone from ngee ann poly?
      1st year CEP student here!
    • By TT2880
      Would really appreciate to hear from owner's review on their electric car. Model,
      Cost and time to charge up the car, where to charge, performance, maintenance and any helpful advice. 
      Thank you. 
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