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18 hours ago, littleboy9420 said:

Can someone inv me to the group “ KL Crusing” Telegram group?

Will be interesting 

Looking for Lean twin bottom.. Only clean safe discreet fun

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3 minutes ago, littleboy9420 said:

Chin Woo Pool

Cw seems to be super popular these days as compared to other Public pools where Guards patrol even into shower area, from i read.. not sure if true

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Looking for Lean twin bottom.. Only clean safe discreet fun

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I guess all the cruising park is no longer available to cruise now. Perhaps only KJ till 10pm but also a bit risky as many patrol by the police and the guard, less crowd as well. Permaisuri is closed at 8pm and there is no way to sneak in anymore. Bukit Jalil Commonwealth also constantly patrolled by the police and no one there perhaps after dark. But there are many parks in KL and Selangor. The problem the only is people usually left the condom and the packaging around when we found the new place then it triggers the patrons who use the park in the day time to make report, and also some other incidents like robbery and harassment. Perhaps there will be other cruising park visited by the responsible cruisers and does not getting attention by the authorities and other non-cruisers. Update if you know any. 

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