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Happy Birthday Singapore

How do i unblock someone here

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    • By HungryxFetish
      Or how to block a user or hide my profile?
    • By Greengay
      Douching does not always work for me. Im not sexually active but I like to explore/ "dig around" a bit and douching keeps it clean.
      But a lot of the times when I douche it takes freaking forever and it just doesn't clear out. Ive searched around and most articles say that you should be done within 10 mins or 6 ish douches so I'm confused. I don't think I put too much water up there and my diet is ok. 
      Is there a secret schedule idk about or like I'm not meant to be a bottom pls let me know.
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      Seeking Married Man who is free now. Dont mind to let me practise on my massage. Can host now till 1230pm. Pls Pm if keen. Thanks
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      Is it really safe?
      trump plans to ban it. 
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