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    • By Deszi
      Any hand job and blow job chat groups in line or telegram? Please add me. Id: deszi. Thanks
    • By Since u r here
      They needed love too

      human cyborg
    • By Checkinforyou
    • By Checkinforyou
      Hi there, 
      keen to set up a married group for married bro.
      chinese married here.
      Any married guy here pm me to chat?
      send me your intro and telegram
      let me know your objective of joining the group.
    • Guest Buddy
      By Guest Buddy
      I have 2 regular sex buddies.
      Recently a close friend of mine shared his unfortunate experience of contracting STD with his buddy; the pain when symptoms show, the trouble of finding time out of his tight working schedule to visit DSC, the embarrassing moment at the clinic, worrying moments waiting for the results... 
      Learning from his experience, I told my buddies that I will only play safe now; ie. no anal, oral only with condom worn, etc. We can still enjoy hugs, patting, edging, roleplay, mutual jo etc. Afterall, I can’t guarantee my buddies practice safe sex with others. One of them commented oral sex has very low risk. 
      They don’t seem happy with it and our communications have since quiet down.
      Will you get disinterested too if you are my buddy in this case? 
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