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No more Fapping + No Fapping Really Beneficial? (compiled)

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Guest Fap

As long as I can remmber I think I have been no fapping for close to a month once very long time ago. I dun rmmbr got any special about my body. But its true that once ejaculated body will feel tired. Everytime feel horny, I take a deep breath. Kinda feel so energized (the closest term I can relate to).


I'm starting again just to see if it helps with my study, memory n concentration. Only 2 chapters n already start to facebook n youtube n bw. Haiz

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Guest Guest no jo

I also have not masturbated for three weeks already. I don't experience any wetdream yet. But I noticed that when I peeing there is a sensation feeling around my bladder, then there is leaking of semen fluid after peeing. I wonder anyone also have cum peeing after long time no masturbate? Is this normal, should I see urologist?

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Guest Six

Last time went overseas exercise in army for 3weeks and before flying I never check clear my kkj. Every day with a super morning wood that is so awkward. 


At week 2, I experienced what people called wet dreams for the first time in the middle of the night with a hard kkj pointing upwards and my entire front underwear was drenched. I thought I accidentally pee but it was sticky to touch. Quickly took a new underwear and change before jumping to bed again 

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Guest Fapper

Anyone here no longer fapping?  Or cut down to once a month?  Too lazy, no mood, too old, too stress, no motivation.   I heard that no fapping is good for health, it rejuvenates your youth and improved your hair growth and skin color.   


Is it true?


I wonder how many are able to last no fapping for months. 


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Guest sacred secretion

I have last for a month during CB period. I also have last for 2 weeks until came out in wet dream. I'm not sure why my post on sacred secretion was deleted. but it was an interesting read. You can try to google it. but so far did not experience any drastic obvious difference. some ppl said may be need to wait until 3 months to a year to feel the difference. but I see those who advocate it did not see any difference in them appearance wise. in fact I see Chuando looks more younger than some of those no fappers. Maybe Chuando also practise no fapping.

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Guest AhBoi

I've been trying to cut down in recent days, but after like 2 - 3 days without doing it, there's a tingling sensation down there and my hands keep wanting to stroke my rod.


I've lasted about a week without fapping before, and wet dreams aside, I must admit, it's tough!

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