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[ AFA MSM ] Substance use and chemsex in the community


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We hope that everyone is keeping well during this time. As part of our continued outreach efforts to keep connected with the community, Gayhealth is working together with

The Greenhouse SG to present an upcoming webinar on “Substance use and chemsex in the community”.


It is no secret that chemsex is becoming common place in our community. A glance on any gay dating app these days and you can easily find several guys who are into or looking for “chill”. There is an urgent need to understand the issues around chemsex and its implications on health.


This webinar hopes to address the burning questions on substance use and chemsex in the community, as well as discuss how you can stay safe. We hope to provide insights to how substance use can be managed and share on community resources available to help those in need.


Joining us on this webinar are:

1) Alaric Tan, Founder and Executive Director of The Greenhouse

2) Rayner Tan, Head of research at The Greenhouse and a PhD candidate at the Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health, NUS


Register to attend here: https://tinyurl.com/ghsgwebinar4

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