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Essential Oil For Topical Application

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Hey bros, 


I’m trying to blend a mixture of essential oils for treatment for bug bites. Any recommendations for reputable / reliable brands as there are simply so many that pop up on Google? I plan to use the following after doing some basic research:

1) Tea tree

2) lavender

3) basil

4) peppermint 

5) lemongrass 

6) helichrysum


Reason for seeking this alternative as I’m currently using steroid cream and I’m aware of the side effects this will bring. 

Be cool, like a breeze...

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Guest Guest

I think Young Living is quite reputable, but with reputation comes with higher price, I was told they have a retail unit somewhere at Somerset.


Now EO is also quite known, available at some retail units like Vitakids - Parkway and Tampines 1.


Both can be ordered online of course.

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4 hours ago, Since u r here said:

eucalyptus oil? - Cleansing and purifying properties for the skin and surfaces.

Are u ok?

Ya Eucalyptus oil is also one I have come across but I think I need to narrow down so I chose tea tree instead. 

Be cool, like a breeze...

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1 hour ago, Guest Guest said:

I think Young Living is quite reputable, but with reputation comes with higher price, I was told they have a retail unit somewhere at Somerset.


Now EO is also quite known, available at some retail units like Vitakids - Parkway and Tampines 1.


Both can be ordered online of course.

Thanks, will take that into consideration too!

Be cool, like a breeze...

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9 minutes ago, Guest Unwell said:

Yes on Netflix. Young Living and Doterra are two of the Brands in the episode on Essential oils - apparently it’s damn MLM and prices are inflated. 

Ic. A pity, I don’t have Netflix lol. 

Be cool, like a breeze...

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Guest Try and see

I highly recommend Eucalyptus oil, as others have mentioned.


Been using it since I was a kid. Contains a lot of benefits.


My two favourite brands are:





Besides the above two, I don't recommend any other brands for EO because to my horror, I realise that a lot of cheaper brands of EO (sold in S'pore) contain turpentine!!!! (It's printed on the box.)


You can also add the EO to your diffuser if you have one. Makes your room/office smell very nice.



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ya even though i hardly apply such oil but i alwys heard abt:

5 hours ago, Since u r here said:

eucalyptus oil - Cleansing and purifying properties for the skin and surfaces.

All the time



tea tree is just more of preventing bacteria from spread esp u have acne
else, totally unheard lf

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If you need any essential oil, buy from PLANT THERAPY (US).


Their products are genuine and price is reasonable. Each batch is backed by GS/MS Test Report (this basically the list of constituents in each batch to proof the oil is real).


Shipping is FREE above certain amount (I think USD 40), although sometimes it takes a while to reach SG. Every month there is a promotion.


But most of all, their customer service is AWESOME. In case you are not satisfied or non-receiving or any problem with the products, they will simply send you a new one or refund your money, no questions asked.


I've been their customer for many years and I think their customer service is the best in the world.


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I once did an experiment with friends where we push a drop of essential oil from different brands on a piece of white paper. Give it some time and apparently/supposedly those that are 100% pure and without carrier oil mixed in them, will leave no trace.


The spotless ones were Young Living, Plant Therapy, Flaming Queen and surprisingly Muji, if I recall correctly. Perhaps I should experiment again.


But anyway do be wary of brands that claim they are 100% pure but have carrier oils mixed in them. Technically it's word play.


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