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UCMHP numbers

Guest Human profiling

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Guest Human profiling

UCMHP is a universal character method of human profiling. My universal number is 8. Introvert. No leadership. Prefer working under 1 boss or second hierachical position. Like to eat meat. Industry to work are advertising n branding. Fashion lines. Apparel and accessories. The negative of me can be dictatorial and can cause team to be less enthusiastic.


So accurate. But I'm working in different industry.


Mr LKY and GCT is number 4. Born leader. Their and other great figuress' ucmhp charts display a similar pattern of numbers. 


Just read from a book at library. This ucmhp things has been heavily advertised on fb. The famous ad lines "Hi I'm Aishah, ....I have been working under the engineering lines...I find this line very tiring...after switch....


Anyone checks your own universal numbers?

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Guest Human profiling
19 minutes ago, Guest guest said:

how to check?

A very simple one would be to add up all your numbers in your birthdate into a single digit. You can find the book in library by the same title which will teach you to add the numbers in more steps and produce a more complete charts. But I feel the above universal number already tells alot. You can also google for the meaning of each universal number. Also known as life path number.

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