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Our Time in Green (story)

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Guest imtbh

Chapter 1 - Mint


I feel despondent as I take heavy steps towards the company line. Having just finished my POP a couple of days ago, it feels surreal to be back here. I see a few other guys who have already arrived. I quicken my pace and join them. I see Sgt. Lee, one of the specialists in-charge of Platoon 4, exit the company office. He adjusts his Duty Sergeant arm band as he walks towards us. 


"Okay, I know that you all don't want to come back here, especially after your POP. Unfortunately, all of you screw up somewhere during your BMT and got caught by your Sgt. and now must serve this confinement. But at least just one night. So just suck it up, don't give me any trouble and you can go home happily tomorrow and enjoy the remainder of your weekend. Can?"


We reply with a resounding "Yes, Sgt!" He ticks off our names. Besides myself from Platoon 2, there are a couple of guys from Platoon 1 and another one from Platoon 4. Sgt. Lee looks up and looks a little confused.


"Eh, how come there's one guy missing."


Just then, we see a guy running towards us. 


"Sorry, Sgt. I got delayed at the gantry. Not my fault."


Sgt. Lee isn't impressed with his answer.


"You forever with your excuses, Kelvin. Go join the rest."


Kelvin is from Platoon 3 and is known to be quite notorious. A bit of a troublesome character, there isn't really anyone who didn't know him in the company. He had been yelled at several times by Seargents and Officers alike. He must also be the one who must have gotten punished the most during our BMT. He cuts quite an intimidating presence especially with his muscular built and tattoos and quite honestly, he isn't really someone I could see myself clicking with. 


After we fall out, we make our way to our bunks. It feels a little weird to see the empty bunk when just a few days ago, it was filled with a group of botak boys getting ready for our final route march that culminated into our passing out parade. I take a whiff and can almost smell the sweat and shoe polish in the air. I smile and go to my now empty metal cupboard. I swiftly unbutton my shirt and hang it inside before sitting on my bed. The breeze cools the beads of perspiration on my back as I loosen the shoelaces on my boots. I pull off my boots and socks and set it aside. I get up and take off my trousers till all I'm left with are my briefs.


I see myself in the mirror. I had never been an athlete of any sort but I have always had an inclination towards fitness. I've been a swimmer all my life so I had always been in somewhat good physical shape but never the type I could be proud of. However, 9-weeks of BMT had really cut into my body and given me lines and definitions I never thought my body could possess. Without even realizing, I begin to admire this newly sculpted look, gently grazing the grooves of my arms, chests and stomach with my hand. I must admit, I was slightly getting turned on.


"Wah, your body damn good sia." 


I'm surprised by this voice and turn to see Kelvin standing at the door of my bunk. I quickly grab my shorts and quickly put it on. I try to swallow my embarrassment and muster some words.


"What are you doing here?"


"I thought we can bunk together. Better than being alone, right?"


I realize my quiet day by myself had officially ended as Kelvin made himself comfortable. I put my CD in my CD player, put in my earphones and hit play. I lie on my bed, close my eyes and listen to some songs. As I get lost in the music, I feel a shadow looming over me. I open my eyes slightly to see a naked Kelvin examining the CD case of my 50 Cent CD. 


"Shit man, can you put something on?"


I snatch my CD case from him. Kelvin seems unbothered by my remark. 


"The fellas' body solid. Your inspiration is it?"


"Maybe. And please, cover up."


Kelvin comes right in front of me, his junk centimeters away from my face. 


"Why, you shy, is it?


I am annoyed and push him away. He laughs and puts on some running shorts. 


"Let's go exercise."


I couldn't believe what he was saying. Even the Sgt. had allowed us to stay and rest in our bunks yet this crazy beng wanted to go exercise. I shake my head in rejection but he's persistent.


"I know your body is nice but if u want to be like your idol, you must workout more."


He is right in front of me, with that irritating smile plastered on his face. I know he wasn't going to take 'No' for an answer. I finally relent and we head outside our bunk to the space near the staircase. It was usually the area that the recruits would congregate to receive briefings from our superiors and also serves as an exercise spot for the recruits to better their physical fitness thanks to the pull-up bar on the wall.


"Let's do a circuit. 20 push-ups, 15 jumping squats and 10 pull ups. Can or not?" 


He gives me a doubtful look. My pride was on the line. I nod. We start our workout.


The first few sets go quite okay. I could see that Kelvin and I were on par on a fitness level although we had different body types. I was taller and of a bigger built. More of a swimmer's body with broader shoulders and chest and a tapering waistline. Kelvin on the other hand had more of a runners body, with an overall streamline built with more closely packed muscle.


After completing 20 sets, it starts to take a toll on both our bodies. But neither one of us wants to call it quits. We press on, sweat rolling off our bodies. A few more sets in, fatigue starts to set in. Kelvin is unable to complete 10 pull-ups and falls to the ground after doing 5.


"It's too much, man. I need to rest."


I see this as my chance. I jump up to the pull-up bar and struggle to do my pulls up. I get past 5 and continue onto 6 and then the 7th. Just then I feel my shorts slip off. I look down to see Kelvin pulling off shorts, including my underwear, down to my ankles. I drop off the bar and quickly pull my shorts up. I get up to see Kelvin laughing hysterically. 


"What the fuck is your problem, man?"


I push him off. His laugh disappears. 


"I was just playing, bro."


He puts his arm on my shoulder but I push him away. He loses his balance and falls to the ground. He looks angry. He gets up and pushes me. I fall to the ground. 


"You can't take a joke is it?"


I see Kelvin, his sweaty muscled body towering over me. I clench my teeth and grab his legs throwing him to the ground. Before we both can comprehend it, we are both wrestling each other on the cement ground. Each trying to overpower the other, when I suddenly feel a tightening at my crouch. I look down to see Kelvin have a firm grip of my genitals. I'm a little disoriented and he quickly flips me around. He's right on top of me. He releases his grip and instead puts his hand inside my shorts. The touch of his rough hand makes my cock harden. 


He looks straight into my eyes while I look into his. His strokes are slow and strong and my hard cock twitches under the pressure. The dripping sweat makes a natural lube that gives me an intensifying pleasure I've never felt before. Suddenly, we hear footsteps. Kelvin quickly gets off me as I barely manage to stuff my erect cock inside my shorts. We see Sgt. Kelvin walking up the steps. He's surprised to see us. 


"What the fuck you both doing?"


"Exercise, Sgt."


"We must be fit soldiers."


"For our nation."


Very unconvincing lines escape our mouths. He gives us a weird expression before heading to the vending machine to get a canned drink before heading back down. After seeing him disappear downstairs, we both don't speak. We make our way to the showers. We clean ourselves and head back to the bunk. We change into our Number 4 and make our way to the cookhouse for lunch, with the others. After which, we come back, strip out of our uniform and lay in our beds. Soon it was night. 


"Ok, lights out. Go to bed."


Sgt. Kelvin makes his way to all four levels before retiring back to the company office. As I lay in the darkness, I try to comprehend what had happened hours before. I've always liked girls and still do. But that moment, that spark, that electricity between our two bodies and that rough touch. What did all of that mean? I am in a state of confusion.


"I think we need to finish what we started."


I look up to see Kelvin standing naked in front of my bed. The moonlight illuminates every taut muscle on his body. His flaccid cock and low-hanging balls stir something in me. He reaches out his arm and his fingers make their way into my briefs. I feel my cock hardening once again and slowly submitting to his touch.


End Of Chapter 1


To Be Continued...







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Guest imtbh

Chapter 2 - Forest


Kelvin's slow and steady strokes quickly make my cock stiffen. It feels strange yet amazing. As he works his magic on my body, I reach my hand to his. His cock feels warm and firm as I massage it with my hand. I hear a slight moan escape his lips as his member hardens under the grasp of my hand. He pulls my briefs down causing my fully erect cock to spring up. I look to see him just as hard. He lets go off my hard cock and slides the briefs all the way off. I use this opportunity to pull him towards me. I feel his warm breath as he looks deep into my eyes. Our lips ever so slightly graze one another.


We both pull away and look again at one another. Perhaps a sense of doubt had erupted in our thoughts. What were we doing? Was this right? But before we can fully comprehend what was happening, our lips once again meet. This time deeper and more intense. I throw him on my bed and our kisses become longer and more passionate. As our lips locked, our hands found their way back to our hard cocks. We stroke each other off as we tasted each others' lips. Only taking seconds to breathe, we continue to kiss.


Kelvin pulls away and makes his way towards my chest. He lightly licks my right nipple and almost immediately I'm hit by a wave of pleasure I had never felt before. I never knew my nipples were sensitive till that moment. He continues to lick and lightly suck on them which makes my whole body quiver. He looks up and smiles before kissing his way down my stomach all the way to my hard cock. He takes a few light licks before taking the whole thing into his mouth. The heat from his mouth warms my cock and delivers an otherworldly sensation. He easily takes it out of his mouth as he had put it in. I figure that this must not be his first time. 


I lay back and surrender to Kelvin's touch. His mouth engulfs my hard cock and he delivers just the right amount of pressure that gives me such intense pleasure. I don't remember ever being sucked by any other girl this way and this guy is doing it for me. He is throwing me into this frenzy of a sensual symposium that I could not escape from. Soon, I'm brought to the threshold of my limit.


"Fuck. I'm going to cum."


I believe he will let go and let me shoot out my load but he isn't. His mouth firmly continues to suck on the cock like a vacuum. I can no longer take it as I feel the rush. Just as I am about to burst, his lips leave my cock. He strokes it as it erupts splash after splash of warm, white liquid. I'm drenched as Kelvin lies next to me. He takes the cum off my chest and rubs it onto his hard cock and strokes it. I lick and suck on his nipple as he manically tugs on his hard cock. In a matter of seconds, a thick, white fountain of cum splashes all over him. Some even land on me. We both lie for a few seconds next to each other. Our hands reach into each others and end in a firm hold.


The next morning, we get ready to book out. We don't discuss about what had happened especially because the other boys are leaving with us well. It's not like we could actually have a private conversation. After the ferry ride, everyone goes on their separate ways. Kelvin and I wait at the bus stop. I could tell that he wanted to speak about our night together. So did I. He keeps hesitating and I know that I should make the first move.






We both look at one another just as my phone rings. I pick up my scratched up Nokia phone. 


"Hey. Yea, I just got off. You're at my place? Ok. I'm on my way. Bye."


I hang up. Kelvin looks at me with curiosity.


"Who was that?"


I could lie but I didn't want to.


"That was Jess, my girlfriend."


I could see the disappointment in his eyes even though he tries to hide it. I feel like I had betrayed him. 


"Why don't we exchange numbers? We could meet some time, when we're free."


"Sure. Sounds like an idea."


We exchange phone numbers but I could tell he didn't look hopeful. Perhaps he didn't expect me to receive him the way I did the night before. Even I couldn't comprehend what I had done with Kelvin. It was my first time being touched intimately by another guy. I never thought it would ever happen but I did. And I liked it. I feel so confused but I wasn't about to talk about it the day after.


I needed time and time is what I took. I never made that call or text to Kelvin. Not that I didn't want to but more of not knowing what to say. What could I say? What could I do? But most of all, what did he expect of me? Was our night together just an experiment of two hot-blooded boys or was there something more to it? I could not figure things out and the last thing I wanted to do was start something in confusion.


Thankfully, I had other things to worry about like being accepted into the officer cadet course. It was the next phase of my military stint and it was a long one. After what felt like an eternity, I finally become a commissioned officer. I get posted to one of the more obscure camps on the island but since it's not too far away from my home, I don't have much to complain about.


The officer I'm replacing, Benjamin, is in a pretty good mood as he barely had a month left before he ORD-ed. He gets me oriented from the get go on how everything goes and what is expected of me. Every word he says, I carefully listen and remember as I feel honored to be part of this respectable unit and I'm determined to do my best. I focus intently. 


"Jason, I'm not stressing you right?"


"Of course not. I just want to do a good job."


"You look like a fast learner and I'm sure you'll be fine. Anyway, we'll go see the platoon. I think they should be lepak-ing in bunk after the morning exercise."


We make our way from the office to the bunk. As Ben had mentioned, most of the guys were relaxing. Some chatting, some exercising and some not doing anything at all. It was a typical sight at an army bunk. We make a turn and I accidentally knock into someone. I look up to see this muscular built guy with tattoos, fresh out of the shower clad in a towel. A wry smile begins to form at his mouth.


End of Chapter 2


To Be Continued...





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  • G_M changed the title to Our Time in Green (story)

Chapter 2 - Camouflage


The muscles and tattoos may have increased but that boyish face with the cheeky smile remains. Benjamin casually makes the introduction. 


"This is..."




Kelvin takes a quick glance at my uniform.


"2nd Lieutenant, Jason."


Benjamin looks puzzled.


"Wait, you both know each other?"


"Of course."


I see that Kelvin had grown his hair a little bit on top but it's trimmed short to the sides as per military guidelines. His face looks as handsome as it did the last time I saw him but what really was impressive was how much more fitter he got. I mean he had a lean, fit body back in BMT but now he had mass to go along with those rippling muscles. And to tantalize even further, his towel hangs dangerously low on his pelvis, giving a full view of his happy trail all the way to the bushy pubes slightly hovering over it. I look up to see Kelvin looking right into my eyes. The smile still plastered on his face. I step in.


"We were in the same company during BMT."


Ben is astounded with this little piece of information.


"Damn, what are the odds that you both will be meeting here after all this time?"


I never thought I would ever see Kelvin after parting at the jetty but yet here we are. Standing in front of one another. I am puzzled on what to call it. Coincidence or fate? I couldn't really figure it out.


"Anyway, Kelvin joined us a few months back and has fit in quite nicely. He has been a great support as my new PS and I'm sure you'll gain great pleasure working with him."


Benjamin says his harmless words but I can see the smirk on Kelvin's face. I try to look away.


"I'm sure. The bunk is around here, right?"


"Yes, actually the officers bunk is one floor up but right now until I move out, there isn't a bed you can use. So you need to bunk..."


"...with me."


I immediately freeze when I hear Kelvin spout those words. I think Ben must have seen my surprised face.


"It's only until I ORD. Kelvin's bunk is a little smaller but one of the guys is on a 2-month MC while another has been leased out to HQ. So there's an extra bed and more space for you to use."


I couldn't believe this was happening but I couldn't really complain as this was an old camp and the last thing you would have is the luxury of choosing your preferred accommodation. Honestly, I didn't really care that I wasn't going to bunk in with the other officers for now but what I cared about was having to bunk in with a guy who I had a secret wild night with and never having contacted him after that. I guess your ghosts do catch up to you, even the ones with perfectly, chiseled abs.


"Sir, I will bring 2LT Jason back to the bunk. You go first."


Ben thanks Kelvin and tells me to get settled in. I follow Kelvin to the bunk. We don't really speak as he walks a couple of steps before me. From the back, I could see his towel is so low that I could see the dimples on his lower back, right above his butt cheeks. This boy really loves showing off his body.


A couple of minutes later we arrive at the bunk. Like Ben had mentioned it was small but at least it looked clean. I saw two cleaned up beds and cupboards. One near the door and the other at the window. Before Kelvin can tell me about my options, I place my bags at the one near the window. I look outside the window, that overlooks some of the forested area surrounded the camp. I take a whiff of the fresh air before letting it all out. 


"So, do we have any activities planned for the day."


"We had some PT in the morning but I don't think we have anything planned later in the day. We were outfield the whole of last week so it's a little chill this week. You're really lucky."


Kelvin casually pulls the towel off his waist and starts to wipe his butt and pubic area. I turn away. 


"Seriously, man."


"What? It's nothing you haven't seen before...or touched."


I turn back to see him still naked but now having a cheeky grin on his face. I'm annoyed.


"Look, I really don't think it's good for either one of us to talk about what happened between us."


He steps right in front of me and looks me straight in the eye. He's so close I can feel his warm breath.


"Don't worry. I won't talk if you don't want me to."


We continue to look into each others' eyes when I hear footsteps. I move away from Kelvin as another guy walks into the bunk. With an athletic built and dark medium complexion, the boy walks straight towards me. 


"Sir, you must be the new officer taking over from 2LT Ben. I'm Ashwin, PS for Platoon 3."


We shake hands and I notice he's just wearing shorts with no shirt. I guess less is more here.


"Sorry, Sir. You have to bunk with us until 2LT Ben ORD. Especially with this nudist fella."


Kelvin, still naked, takes his time to dry himself.


"But don't worry, Sir. We'll be good roommates. Right, Kelvin?"


Kelvin finally puts on some shorts and nods. 


"You get settled in, Sir. We're going to the canteen. You want anything?" 


I simply shake my head as they both disappear out of the room. I unpack some of my things and head back to the company office where I continue to work with Ben in another small aspect of the handover process. After which, we have some class lessons with the men. After dinner, I do some planning work with Ben for the upcoming activities and soon it was the end of the day. 


I tiredly head back to my bunk to see that Ashwin and Kelvin had already hit the sack. I get out of my uniform, which I had worn the whole day. Thankfully, it's not really sweaty and doesn't smell like I thought it would. After stripping down, I'm tempted to just go to bed but I just couldn't go to bed feeling dirty and grimy. I wrap a towel around my waist, grab my toiletries and head to the toilet. 


It was almost 11pm and the toilet was pretty much empty as most of the other specialists and officers had already had their showers and were already fast asleep in bed. I make my way past the cubicles and notice that instead of shower cubicles there was just one large communal shower area. I should have guessed since this was one of the older camps. I leave my towel outside of the shower area before stepping in. I switch on the faucet and let the strong, gushing water spray all over me. 


I quickly wet my body and turn around to get my body wash when I notice that someone was standing outside the shower area looking in. I close the faucet to stop the water and see Kelvin. He's naked and looking fit as ever. That same cheeky smile on his face as he slowly walks towards me. He gets up close, our bodies almost touching. I feel his warm breath on me. He whispers.


"Did you miss me?"


End of Chapter 3


To Be Continued...





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Guest imtbh

Chapter 3 - Jade


Kelvin is centimetres away from me as I stand transfixed, staring into his dark hypnotic eyes. Just then, I feel a sensation on my lower body. A similar sensation I had felt months ago. I snap out of my trance to see Kelvin's rough hands tugging on my manhood. I slap his hand away and he's a little taken aback.


"What the hell are you doing?"


"Everyone's asleep, I thought we could have some fun."


He has that same cheeky grin plastered on his face. It's endearing but yet I couldn't let myself slip again.


"Are you serious? We are in camp. I'm your superior and this is highly inappropriate behaviour."


I look extra stern to get the message across to him. However, he seems the least bit concerned. He casually rests his back against the shower walls and sniggers.


"You know you look quite cute when you're angry."


I feel flabbergasted. Nothing is getting through into the thick skull of this boy. I angrily walk out of the shower area, grab my towel and tie it around my waist. I storm out of the shower area and proceed to walk towards the entrance of the toilet. Kelvin soon rushes after me, quickly tying his towel around himself. He grabs my hand. 


"Hey, don't be such a drama queen."


I push his hand away and continue to walk. He grabs me again but I slip out of his grip. Suddenly, he pulls my towel off. I'm annoyed.


"Give it back."




I try to reach for it but he pulls it away. I reach for it again and try to struggle to get it from him but his grip is too tight. The fucker had gotten a lot fitter from the last time I had seen him. His muscles bulges every time he pulls the towel away from me. I'm getting frustrated. Then, I see that his towel is unguarded. I swiftly grab it pull it off of him. Kelvin is taken by surprise.


I immediately put it around me but before I can tuck it in, Kelvin grabs it. It's a tug of war for the towel. Each of us pull but we are too evenly matched. After a few seconds of tugging, the towel rips and we both end up falling on our butts on opposite sides of the toilet floor. I'm pissed off but I see Kelvin grinning on the other side. This further riles me up. I get up and I raise my voice.


"What the fuck is wrong with you, man? What is it that you want from me?"


I walk towards him. That stupid grin still on his face.


"Is it my cock? Is that what you want?"


He stares right at me, with his unwavering gaze. He doesn't show refusal at this proposal. I wanted him to jump up and tell me that he's just messing around but he simply doesn't. Perhaps, I should simply give him what he wants. Then, he won't be so obsessed with me. I go right before him, my flaccid cock and balls dangling right in front of his face. As expected, he immediately starts to lick and suck on it like its a delectable piece of sugary candy. 


My cock grows bigger and stiffens almost instantly. Kelvin's warm mouth is the perfect home for my cock as he expertly swallows it whole and then regurgitates it a rhythmic fashion. I too start to take control and fuck his mouth like it's a warm pussy. Deep and slow alternating with fast thrusts evade Kelvin's gap but he doesn't tell me to stop and urges me to feed his insatiable hunger. As his mouth is busy giving me pleasure, his hands are occupied with his own firm and erect manhood that he tugs on steadily.


Although, it's been a few minutes, I'm far from cumming and continue to fuck his pretty mouth. Just then, I hear footsteps. A panicked Kelvin and I exchange glances. In a matter of seconds, we get off our feet and rush into one of the toilet cubicles, closing the door slowly behind us without a sound, just as I see someone walking in. I soon hear the sound of urine hitting a urinal as Kelvin and I try our best to keep quiet. I hear the sound of the tap and I must say I was impressed he was washing his hands. Most NS boys are pretty uninformed on personal hygiene.


"Walau, who put all this shit on the floor, sia?"


I recognize the voice and tone as one of the sergeants from the company. I hear the toilet door close and for at least a minute or so, we don't hear any other noise. Kelvin and I look at one another and we both signal in hand gestures that it's safe to come out. We open the cubicle door and Kelvin can't help but laugh. 


"Fuck man, you looked so scared just now."


I honestly couldn't share his humor. If the guy had seen us, it would have the been the end for both of us. I just wanted to get out of the toilet and get back to our bunk. Just then, I notice something. The towels that were on the floor are no longer on the floor. The guy must have picked it up and thrown it away or something. Kelvin and I are still naked. 


"You didn't happen to wear clothes before coming to shower, did you?"


"No, I just wore a towel like everyone does. What about you? Didn't you wear something before stripping down?"


Kelvin shakes his head. A sense of dread fills my head. The grin on Kelvin's finally disappears. 


"Fuck. We're really screwed, aren't we?"


I couldn't agree with Kelvin more.


End of Chapter 3


To Be Continued...


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