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Well the most famous and classic gay movie of course will be Brokeback Mountain, RIP Heath Ledger, Love Jake Gyllenhaal, epic performances from both of them, superb actors. Then, it's Call Me by Your Name, I mean Timothee Chalamet and Armie Hammer, they are just gorgeous, and the ending is very realistic, very touching and kind of sad. The movie Love, Simon is kind of new, teen gay finding love and a happy ending, I have binge-watched it for quite some time. There are also darker movies like Philadelphia, a very sad movie, a gay man caught HIV after he had unprotected sex with a stranger in the cinema, I believe every young people need to watch it to understand how important it is to protect ourselves, especially gays since anal sex has a higher risk of spreading HIV than vaginal sex. Tom Hanks' performance is just awesome, I cried everytime I watched it. Hongkong movie 'Happy Together' / 春光乍泄, is one of the most classic hongkong movies, RIP Gor Gor 张国荣 Leslie Cheung, you will always be remembered, and Tony leung 梁朝伟, needless to say, excellent. Finally another chinese movie called 'Dear Ex' / 谁先爱上他的, talks about 同妻, which means the wife of gay men, and how the revealing of the husband's sexuality affects the family, and also the husband's boyfriend. Just some thoughts about movies...

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