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Eng & Chn Gay Books Giveaway (FOC)

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Books to be given away FOC:

Very Recent History / Choire Sicha (HARDBACK)

Loaded / Christos Tsiolkas (PAPERBACK - PB)

Sex Toys Of The Gods / Christian McLaughlin (PB)

How To Do The History Of Homosexuality / David M Halperin (PB)

亞當的禁果 / Hezt (PB)

有製一同 / 季安楊 (PB)

百人斬 / 謝寶 (PB)

我愛粗大耶 / 徐嘉澤 (PB)

[COLLECTED] Forbidden Colours / Yukio Mishima (PB)


For content, you can do a quick google from the titles. Condition between 8 - 9/10. All intact, no torn pages etc, except for aging spots here and there.

TOP PIC - spine view
BTM PIC - opp view

1. Collect at Wlds or Adm MRT, or the north stations only (since it is FOC already!)
2. NO funny request.
3. DM to arrange for pick-up.

Thank you and Happy Niu Year!


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